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I would highly recommend Kip McGrath its such a successful, exciting , fun place to learn. With the help from them my daughter has excelled in her maths I just can't thank them enough.
Kip McGrath Bath have been wonderful. They made the lessons fun so that my child enjoyed going each week. They have the time to go over things that are skimmed over in class, so my son really understood maths concepts he couldnt grasp in the fast paced class environment. Everyone is so friendly here. I would highly recommend them.
I recommend Kip because they helped me gain confidence in my maths. I am now so much more fluent in Algebra, dividing and so much more.
The students really seem to like going to the sessions as they are in small groups so they build up friendships as well as improving their Maths and/ or English. The computer based activities are usually a hit too!
Hannah Lippiatt is a great business woman with her heart in the right place when it comes to providing quality tuition for pupils in Bath. Not only does she have a 100% pass rate, pupils also genuinely like coming to the lessons, and that surely must be a first!
My daughter has attended classes here for 6 months and in that time she has not only gained academically but developed much more confidence. The teachers know each child really well and the progress is due to care and expertise. The centre is run professionally and I feel it is a centre of all round excellence.
Good results for our family. Would recommend. Teachers give feedback and will adapt to what you require.
I went to Kip when I was in year six and again in year eight. They're really good at helping you to catch up at school and know what we need to do to get better. I liked the work on the computers and doing lots of different tasks every week.
They do everything they can to keep my daughter motivated - lots of praise, certificates, prizes. We only started as a short-term confidence booster, but she really loves going to her weekly lesson.
I have been friends with Hannah, the owner, for many years. It was no surprise after seeing her with her own children and students that she puts 100% into her efforts.
The centre is an excellent example of a professionally run business that has a thriving and growing client base.
I can't rave about the team at Kip in Weston Village enough. They helped my sons to improve their skills and confidence so they went into their GCSEs without any nerves. One of them has even gone on to do A-level English as he completely changed his mind about the subject as his enjoyment was built up.
I have worked with Hannah and seen what a fantastic teacher she is. She really cares about her students. I would recommend her without hesitation.
I have detailed knowledge of the proprietor's teaching and training experience and can genuinely say that she will get the very best out of every student. Her range of skills and techniques are second to none and her professionalism is exemplary.
Due to the professionalism of the owner and management of the company they have built a flourishing business in the centre of Weston.
I have worked with the owner - Hannah on a professional level. She is very dedicated and passionate about their tuition centre, always striving to be the best at delivering quality teaching in a safe and friendly environment. Highly recommended
What I like is the well organised curriculum and also the friendliness and approachability of the staff.
It's very well organised, staff are extremely efficient and helpful. I'd recommend it.
Outstanding practice. Really helpful teaching staff and an incredibly friendly receptionist. Would reccomend :)
The staff have always been extremely helpful and willing to help in anyway they can. The teachers will answer any questions you have and go through what your child has done after each lesson
It is well run, friendly and the teaching staff have a great and genuine enthusiasm and concern for their pupils. The staff are always happy to come out and tak to parents about their children's progress.
Kip is a great place because its has a family environment about it. Also it has helped me outside of school as my grades have become better and im finding lesssons easier. Overall this has helped me massivly
Local & convenient. They've got the formula right so it appeals to kids more than most tuition. Friendly, professional staff.
I have just started, however I KipMcGrath is helpful, and responsive, and successfully finds,and helps me with my faults
I love that they offer help for children. Also it has helpful staff and they like to help you achive in life.
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