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Exceptional customer service and great stock! Very happy I get to shop here!
It's bloody lovely. Organic, tick. Awesome, tick, Eco, tick, Fairtrade, tick
Harvest - More a lifestyle choice! A commitment to authentic, wholesome foods and products, the best place for organic fresh food produced locally. Great choice on offer. Friendly, helpful staff who love their work.
One of the best health food stores we know, Great produce, Great selection, Great people!!
The business I vote for Harvest - Has fed us for 25 years - and only with THE BEST
I vote for Harvest It's the best local cooperative, selling quality foods and goods !
I love harvest because they provide organic healthy foods! And supply foods which are good for those who have dietary needs,gluten free, vegan etc. and they have friendly and most helpful staff!They are a one of a kind business in my eyes. Also to add they have the most excellent fresh vegetarian rolls and wraps and cakes to sell!
Oh Harvest, dear Harvest, big veggie/vegan Harvest. The best place in Bath for finding healthy vegetarian and vegan groceries, and a yummy range of fresh salads, bread and cakes in the Deli - truly somewhere Bath vegans can't do without. Harvest has a a great range of foods stocked and the people who work there are always friendly and helpful. It has a nice little collection of literature and a jammed notice board; it has a real community vibe.
Harvest is home to a wonderful selection of products. In addition to a wealth of high quality health foods, their selection of natural beauty products and organic delights (including wine and truffles) are definitely to be sampled. Additionally, Harvest promotes many local services for those interested in pursuing a natural, healthy, lifestyle.
Five years on and our life would be considerably poorer without Harvest. The Village shop atmosphere and the eclectic range of wholefood and fresh locally grown organic products are a joy to those of us lucky enough to live nearby and for visitors to the city. There is a spirit of the meaning of the word harvest at its most true.
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