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Two Guys Kitchens - Kitchen Installation in Basingstoke, Basingstoke

We recently had our kitchen fitted by Two Guys and couldn't be happier. The main thing to point out is that it's well planned and they are quick to react to changes or unpredictabilities. Tony and Mags are always ready on the other side of a phone call to react or answer any of the random questions we had. All of the tradesmen that came into our house made sure to communicate what the plan was and allowed for us to also input on how we would prefer certain things, all very nice ( Jack, Dave, Darrell and Sam). Bruce deserves its own mention as besides putting up with someone working from home constantly lingering around was also very happy to make sure everything was as we wanted. It's amazing how he ends up piecing together. Not to forget all the pain we put Mark Perkins ( designer ) who had quite a bit of input while always listening to our not so well thought out ideas and tens of changes to the design.