Ulverston Police Station
Ulverston Police Station
  • South Cumbria TPA HQ in Barrow.
    LA12 0BN
Details in process of change...................... CUMBRIA Police have confirmed that they have secured a new ‘police base’ in Ulverston. The base will be used as a replacement to Ulverston Police Station which will close following resources moving to the new South Cumbria TPA HQ in Barrow.

The facility also includes a private interview room for officers to meet members of the public by appointment. Police will be using the new facility from September 14.

The Constabulary are also in advanced negotiations for a town centre venue within Ulverston to use for police desks. The police desks will be used in addition to the new police base.

Superintendent Rob O’Connor said: “We are delighted to announce that we have secured a base where staff will work from to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour within Ulverston and the surrounding area.

“The new facilities will enable officers and PCSOs a base to meet people by appointment at a mutually convenient time.


“In addition to the police base, officers and PCSOs will also be running daily police desks, Monday to Friday, at a town centre base to maintain an effective and visible policing presence in Ulverston.”

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