Cumbria Animal and Hen Rescue
Cumbria Animal and Hen Rescue
  • Walney
A wonderful local charity dedicated to helping local people rehome their animals

Cumbria Animal and Hen Rescue help abandoned and unwanted animals find their forever homes.

This fantastic local animal charity takes on animals (apart from cats and dogs) that would otherwise be abandoned due to their owners being unable to care for them.

Cumbria Animal and Hen Rescue have a wide range of animals waiting to be re homed.

Whether it's pigs, snakes, fish, horses or goats, Cumbria Animal and Hen Rescue are available to give you advice and help you re- home your unwanted animals.

About 3 times a year the charity collects hens from egg farms that would otherwise be deemed 'end of life'. Once safely under the charities wing - they are re-homed, free to spend the rest of their days in a happy and healthy environment.

The charity looks to pair caring, responsible people with animals in their care. The animals aren't free and checks are done by the charity to ensure that the animal goes to the right home. If they feel that the potential new owners aren't suitable - they won't allow the animal to live with them.

All money received goes directly and only to the charity, Cumbria Animal and Hen Rescue is run completely by volunteers,

Cumbria Animal and Hen Rescue have plans in the future to visit schools and clubs to help educate people about the work they do and the services they offer.