The Brown Paper Book Store
  • Brogden Street
    LA12 7AH
Where old books come to life, and you discover hidden stories...

Stories are written to be read and enjoyed - again and again and again...

The Brown Paper Book Store rescues pre-loved books from dusty shelves and bookcases for you to enjoy and share with others. 

Their beautifully wrapped books make amazing gifts for someone special.

Just imagine curling up in your favourite place, excited to unwrap your book and turn the pages to discover something unexpected.

So how does it work?

Simply select from the following genre:



Chick Lit

Historical Fiction

Classic Literature

Mystery/Detective Fiction


And treat yourself or a friend to a pre-loved book and an exciting journey. The Brown Paper Book Store will choose a title for you from your chosen genre and lovingly wrap your book, make it look amazing and post it out to your chosen destination. 

You can also have a monthly subscription where you discover a pre-loved book every month, handpicked just for you, with an extra little treat from them too.

Adventure, romance, mystery, magic, exiting new places, characters you'll never forget, and things that will scare your socks off  - your journey awaits you at The Brown Paper Book Store!

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