ArtWorks - Art4All
  • Lakeland House,
    Abbey Road,
    LA14 1XL
ArtWorks is a group of volunteers all living in Furness who work hard to raise funds and awareness for mental health and well-being charities.

ArtWorks - Art4All creates fun art projects that are accessible for everyone in the community whilst raising money and awareness for well-being and mental health charities. 

Their ethos is showing that art is for all - no matter what your age or ability, it's totally inclusive.

Making art helps improve both your mental health and well-being. Attending their fabulous workshops will help to prevent isolation too, as their art-based projects bring people together as well as  promoting the artists who join their projects.

ArtWorks originally started as a group of three volunteers raising money to help rescue Dalton Leisure Centre’s swimming pool.

They ran an arts auction and raised £8,500 pounds. After the success of that event, they then went on to run an art auction for SAFA (a charity helping people who self-harm) and were joined by two more volunteers. They raised and amazing £12,000.

 “What the Flock?” started in 2022 and Artworks gave 5 charities a wire sheep shaped sculpture.

Then, via social media and radio, they asked the public to send them Pom Poms for each charity to tie to the sheep frame. The response was amazing, and they received 40,000 Pom Poms from all over the country (and a few internationally!).

More charities joined in, and they had a dozen sheep that flocked together in a big Barrow Park event.

Their current project is Turning The Tide. 

A wide range of organisations, clubs and groups have been involved in this wonderful project, turned their hands to making their own environmentally friendly handmade paper and took a trip down memory lane.

After making handmade, eco- friendly paper, groups (and anyone in the community) will be encouraged to think about their experiences of being by the sea. These memories will be written on the paper, and at a later date, will be sent out to sea.

The paper will dissolve and the words will be absorbed back into the sea!


For more details of their amazing projects and how to get involved email or message them on Facebook 


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