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Toggs, Banbury

Darren at Toggs is an absolute wonder! I moved to the area a few months ago and have used Toggs dry cleaners with every single garment which has needed dry cleaning. My husband had a suit dry cleaned with a national dry cleaner and again with a local competitor and still they couldnʼt get the stains out and we considered ditching the suit. With 24hrs to go before a wedding, I found Toggs Dry Cleanerʼs and Darren promised me he would do all he could to remove the still visible stain. He worked late that day in order to remove the stains and the very expensive suit looked brand new again! If I hadnʼt found Toggs weʼd have had to throw the suit away but it was revived! Since itʼs his favourite and best suit, we couldnʼt thank Darren enough. He does an amazing job with evening dresses. I bought a silk dress from a designer which needed some fixing and altering and of course, Darren was able to provide an amazing invisible stitching and alteration service and the dress was delivered back beautifully mended, packed and dry cleaned. Just off to take another dress over to Toggs for dry cleaning! I wouldnʼt go anywhere else now. darren is the only dry cleaner Iʼve ever spoken to who hasnʼt said that dry cleaning degrades your clothes He says if itʼs done properly, thatʼs just not the case. Great news for everyone who wants to keep their clothes looking new. Thanks for everything Toggs, and Darren. Your friendly, competent and professional service is sadly a rarity these days.