A Great New Fundraising innovation.' Give Take Donate'
24th October 2008
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What a great idea that is being launched in Buckinghamshire by Cancer Research UK, called Give Take Donate. Buckinghamshire is one of the five pilot counties to take this on board. Everyone has something to give, so visit www.givetakedonate.org and sign up as a 'Giver'. So rather than paying the 'Giver' the 'Taker' of the skill can choose to make a donation to Cancer Research UK. Some of activities available for example are Driving, Knitting, Makeover, Skateboarding, Snooker, Yoga, Waxing, Tennis, Calligraphy the list is endless. For further information you can telephone 020 7121 6699 or visit www.canvcerresearchuk.org

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