Paradise Clinic and The Hand Therapy Company

Paradise Clinic and The Hand Therapy Company of Aberdeen offers professional reflexology and acupuncture complementary therapy treatments.

Experience the original Ingham Method of Hand and Foot Reflexology, used worldwide for over 70 years. Dr Melanie Jones (PhD) of Paradise Clinic and The Hand Therapy Company in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire invites you to enjoy time out with high quality, luxury treatments tailored to your individual needs.


Come and experience:


  • Hand and Foot Reflexology - the 70 year old, original Ingham method
  • Koryo Hand Therapy (KHT) - needle free Korean Hand Acupuncture
  • fully qualified Maternity Reflexologist
  • original Japanese Rikiden Reiki
  • DRU style Yoga - relaxation classes/individual sessions
  • B Natural skin care products - freshly made with pure beeswax


Clients come from all over Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City to the pleasant, relaxing rural treatment room in Aberdeenshire to experience the health benefits of these special therapies.



Call today for a FREE telephone consultation

with Melanie


01467 642114 or 07896 047 660



Need to Relax, De-Stress & Unwind?

Experience the original Ingham Method of hand and foot reflexology. You don't have to be ill to gain benefit from reflexology. People use it as a preventative treatment to banish those bugs, and keep their health in tiptop condition. Reflexology treatments are suitable for all ages (eg babies with colic/sleep problems, pregnant women, teenagers with exam stress, adults and conditions associated with ageing).


Feeling Pain or Suffering from a Medically Diagnosed Condition?

Needle free Korean Hand Acupuncture also known as Koryo Hand Therapy (KHT), may reduce your symptoms. You are shown how to self treat extending the life of the treatment. Along with hand and foot reflexology these therapies can help you enjoy better health and relaxation.


Want to Reduce Sickness and Absenteeism?

Research shows that reflexology reduces days off sick in the workplace. Invite the Paradise Clinic and The Hand Therapy Company to your Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire workplace for a 2-3 hour demonstration and discover the immediate benefits of hand reflexology to you and your colleagues. Dr Jones gives her time FREE. A charity donation is asked for the neurological Sue Ryder Care centre, Aberdeen.


Freshly Made B Natural Skin Care Products

Some of the recipes are over 100 years old and the main ingredient is pure beeswax. Petrochemical parabens are not added. Only plant based preservatives are used, so they last up to 1 year after opening. Prices start from £3.99. Gift packs are £14.99.


For more information on Hand and Foot Reflexology and Acupuncture, please contact Melanie on:


01467 642114 or 07896 047660

or email





Please mention thebestofaberdeen when you contact Paradise Clinic and The Hand Therapy Company for Reflexology and Acupuncture


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