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If you’ve decided that it’s time for a new kitchen or bathroom, you will be looking for a reputable company to carry out the design and installation.
Mercia Food Hub based in Elford, Staffordshire has been chosen as one of 100 impressive small businesses from across the UK to mark the official count down to this year’s Small Business Saturday UK.
Ruskin was founded in 1898 in Smethwick – then part of Staffordshire – and wowed the world for decades from a studio in the heart of the Black Country.
If you're updating your kitchen you might want to consider a quartz worktop to add that WOW factor.
Do love or loathe ironing? Maybe you have time but no inclination? Find out how professional ironing services in Lichfield can help.
Your child maybe putting on a brave face, just like you, they are brave and resilient but sometimes they need to share their fears outside of the family.
Having spent far more time at home the past few months I’m beginning to notice it needs a little sprucing up.
We urge you to book an appointment to visit Interior Choice's new showroom, now open on Eastern Avenue Lichfield.
The thing about insurance is that you will never think you need it until you really do and the right level of home insurance can save you from a disaster, literally.
Many cats and dogs are afraid of loud noises. Some may go on to develop a phobia, which means they experience an extreme reaction to a particular stimulus or trigger, such as noise. Phobias get worse over time and most pets don’t tend to ‘grow out of’ a phobia. Preparation is very important if your pet is to get through firework night or a similar event, with the minimum of fear and stress. Resolving your pet’s firework fear or phobia is all about developing an action plan. Whether you are planning ahead or have left it till the last minute, there is still something you can do to help your pet.
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