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I am not a big fan of TV but the X factor blew me away on Saturday night. Watch 'Daryl' - a star of the future?
Spooky goings on in Telford
Spooky goings on in Telford
I'm going ghost hunting - scary stuff
Ice cold in Shrewsbury
Ice cold in Shrewsbury
Phew, what a scorcher. Hands up who's already praying for winter...? But when the sun's out, everyone's in a good mood, town seems busy again and even Murray's sailing through Wimbledon.
Morgan Nunns, head coach of Oswestry Freefighters, racked up another win on Saturday July 20th's MMA evening, 'Judgement Night'.
When Michael and Sarah Aramayo of Aramayo's Catering and Personal Chef Service realised that the recession was about to hit large and small companies alike, they made the decision that there was only one thing to do - take the bull by the horns and expand.
Right, I know I go on about the weather a bit but it's sunbathing at the weekend and freezing and raining now. It's almost June! I shouldn't have to be wearing my gloves to walk the dogs!
Have just about recovered from my night out in Shrewsbury. It's the lack of sleep that gets me more than anything, and when my daughter banged on the spare room door at 6.30am I was less than chipper.... The Salopian on Smithfield Road was as fun and frien
Another week draws to a close and it's nice to see the Shropshire Star's been printing good news stories. Some Shrewsbury businesses are doing well, kids have had days off school making snowmen (although I drove to my mum's in Telford the other day and by
Finally got to see Bond! And, contrary to what a lot of people have been saying, I thought it was great! OK, so I didn't really understand much of the plot but the action sequences were brilliant. They used the same stunt co-ordinator as the Bourne films,
So Halloween in Shrewsbury is upon us.... I'd better tell the mother-in-law to stop in.... If you fancy getting up to something truly spooky this year, check outShrewsbury's ghost tourstaking place every Thursday. Our town is full of historical horror and
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