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It’s no secret that funding for galleries, museums and historic institutions is tight, and that budget cuts have been rife over the last few years. However it now seems that this struggle for money has reached Salford’s own historic house, Ordsall Hall, and it may now be facing closure on Fridays.
In recent weeks, many of the headlines have been dominated by the discovery that some of the meat being sold in supermarkets is actually horse. Now is the time to use a local butchers, and Barrons Of Beef are the best.
Residents in Salford have been outraged recently by the proposed new models from Salford Council, which will see cuts in personal teachers for deaf and blind children in the city.
After a long hard Winter (which looks to be continuing with the recent snow that's hit the country), your car may not be in the best shape it has ever been. This could cause a problem, especially when it is MOT time. Whitecroft Garage can help.
Gender Equalisation Day
Gender Equalisation Day
In just a few days time, GE (or Gender Equalisation) Day will be taking place throughout the UK. For some, this will bring a long overdue change which sets equal Insurance premiums for both males and females; for others, it will be a nightmare for yearly financial budgets.
Follow the snow code below when clearing snow and ice safely.
It’s hard to believe that anyone would want to commit crimes around the Christmas period, but unfortunately it happens year in year out.
The age-old debate can still be found raging beneath closed doors; a debate concerning whether to move to a new house, or to stay put, and extend your current location. With a relaxing of the planning regulations, that decision may be a little easier. Click for more.
Nobody likes to pay insurance, but you're glad it's there when you need. But what if you could have an insurance on your insurance, specifically your car insurance? Perfect Finish have a great solution to those pesky excess payments: XS Paid. Click for more.
Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year are all celebrations that we like to go off with a BANG! And what better way to provide that bang than fireworks or a firework display. But please, before setting off those Roman Candles, Sky Rockets, Bangers and Bombs think about any animals you may have or any that may be in houses near to you.
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