What Is Your Favourite Yeovil Building?
5th March 2009
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What is Your Favourite Yeovil Building?

Recently I was very pleased to be asked to provide some comments on the Yeovil Conservation Area and proposed changes to its current boundary.

Until studying the document I had not fully appreciated what a rich legacy Yeovil has in terms of historic buildings and associated landscape.

Like most people I tend to bustle around town and perhaps take for granted the buildings which I pass and probably don't take sufficient time to stop and enjoy some of the splendid views out towards the surrounding suburbs and countryside.

For example I wasn't aware that Yeovil has over sixty Listed Building entries including the Grade 1 St Johns Church, two Grade11* large former gentry houses and other 18th and early 19th century former town houses and Victorian commercial buildings.

In addition the very varied topography adds character to the town with a definite "plateau" around St John's Church, the dramatic feature of Penn Hill and subtler rises and falls in levels within the town centre.

Smaller details are also worthy of note and include enamelled street signs, wrought and cast iron work, boundary walls and gate piers, signs and plaques.

The consistent use of two local building stones, which are sometimes used in combination and a rich orange-red brick also flow through the historic core of the town, are for me very pleasing to the eye.

I wonder whether we do enough to promote these unique features, as I am sure they are of interest both to residents and visitors from afar.

Certainly in recent years society seems to have started to appreciate the importance of conservation and restoration and how this can add to the overall attractiveness and wealth of a Town.

People are always mentioning to me how the George Public House should never have been demolished! The decision to retain Foundry House has also been welcomed and there is enthusiasm for it's future regeneration as part of the Yeovil Vision.

I would be very interested to learn what is your favourite building in Yeovil old or modern and also conversely what is your least favourite building?

To start the ball rolling I can confirm that my favourite building in Yeovil is the former St John's Schoolrooms, which were purpose built in 1896 and my least favourite building is Maltravers House, Petters Way.

If you would like to participate please log onto the Vision web site - www.yeovilvision.co.uk and send me an email containing your nominations.

Alan Brown, Yeovil Vision Projects Director

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