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Really good learning out of the classroom sessions. Reliable service and trustworthy guide.
A great evening event - Phil our guide really knows his stuff! The walk around Wrexham town centre was very informative, presented well with a good sense of humour thrown in. It was great to talk about areas of the town that you sometimes pass without even realising what has gone on there in the past. Some of our group - particularly those who were not originally from the area - gained a lot of interesting facts and Phil is obviously a very knowledgeable guide. I never knew how important Wrexham was in the development of local history and industry and I think a lot of local people and pupils from local schools - would get a lot out of going on one of these walking trails.
Bronington School Dear Phil, Thank you for the marvellous tour of Wrexham. my favourite part of the tour was ringing the bell with the very long chain. Wow, it was hard to pull. I also enjoyed learning about Elihu Yale and St. Giles church. It was very good of you to take us around wrexham and because I enjoyed it so much I would be happy to do it again. Again thanks for telling us so much about the history of Wrexham. Yours sincerely, Henry M
Bronington School Dear Phil, Thank you for the fabulous tour round Wrexham. i didn't realise how many old historic buildings there were in Wrexham. i loved ringing the wrap up bell and how the butcher told us about the "hide and seek champion", it made me laugh out loud. thank you again for the tour my mum (who came to help on the trip) and I thought it was absolutely fascinating. Yours sincerely Anais C-M
Bronington School Dear Phil, Thank you Phil for taking us around Wrexham. I really liked it when you took us to the church and showed us the grave and how big the tower is(135 feet) I also enjoyed it when you and the butcher told us about the skeleton in the tunnel(the 1959 champion of hide and seek) Ringing the bell was cool too! Once again thanks for a memorable day out. Yours sincerely
Bronington School Dear Phil Thank you for the memorable experience of Wrexham's past, it was very interesting. My favourite part was Elihu Yale's grave as the computer had shown it before, but it was very different in real life. I also enjoyed learning about the theatre, I was surprised that there used to be people acting there. Thanks again for the trip. Yours sincerely
Bronington School Dear Phil Thank you for taking me on the tour around Wrexham. I am very grateful and now I know lots more about the town. i found it very interesting that there are lots of old buildings that are still being used but for different things. The bit I found most interesting was finding out about the butchers bell and ring it. I also found the parish church was interesting because of thwe brick which was swapped with Yale University. Best wishes Rebecca K
Bronington School Dear Phil thank you very much for guiding us on the trip.i was interested on the facts you told us. i never knew wrexham could be so exciting. It's great to learn things about other places but Wrexham is one of my favourites! I really enjoyed my day! I loved ringing the bell and hearing about all the tales and seeing the old library because a millionairre built it and it looks beautiful. Best wishes Yours sincerely Emily
Bronington School dear Phil Thank you very much for taking us round Wrexham. It was lovely. The best bit for me was learning about the history of Wrexham. I had a lovely morning with you. The tour was fascinating. I now know lots about the history of Wrexha. I discovered lots of new things about the town Best wishes Joshua P
Bronington School Dear Phil I'm very grateful for telling me all those wonderful facts about Wrexham. I was especially interested in hearing about York Street and the horse fair. I can't thank you enough. I loved the trip, it was the best school trip I have had in ages. I hope we were not too much trouble and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I have had fun these first few days of the new term and this trip has made it even better! Thank you so much Isobel M
Bronington school Dear Phil Thank you for giving us lots of information on the tour of Wrexham.When I first came to Wrexham I thought it was just a shopping tow, now i know it is a market town. the best bit of the tour was looking at St Giles church. I thought the grave was fascinating too. I really enjoyed going into the church and seeing angels indide the roof. I also looked at the church clock. I thought that was amazing too. I really enjoyed the trip.
Bronington School Dear Phil Thank you for taking us on the tour. It was very kind of you. I found out a lot of information from listening to you. I would love to do the tour again another day. I found the tour very, very fascinating. I found it funny when we went tinto the butchers' market and one of the butchers told us that they once found inside a tunnel a man with a medal around his neck saying "the hide and seek champion"!
Bronington school etc Dear Phil, Thank you for our wonderful and extremely interesting trip around Wrexham. I really enjoyed looking for things in the nooks and cranies of buildings and I was amazed to learn that under the streets of Wrexham were secret tunnels. Thank you once again for our truely fascinating trip. Yours sincerely Robert M
Bronington School etc Dear Phil Thank you for the wonderful tour around Wrexham. I really enjoyed it. I did not know that there were so many historical buildings in Wrexham. I loved ringing the bell in the butchers market and looking around the old shops. Once again thank you for the fantastic tour. yours sincerely
Bronington School etc Dear Phil Thank you for the magnificent trip on Tuesday. It was fun learning about the architecture of Wrexham and the spinechilling oval-that was scary. But the best bit waslooking at the 135foot tall tower on the parish church that was tremendous! Thanks again for a memorable day out. Best wishes
Bronington School School Lane Bronington Dear Phil, Thank you ever so much for a fantastic tour around Wrexham. I have only been on a tour bus in Barcelona before, but you were a lot better. I now know a lot more and can tell people how Wrexham has changed. I send my thanks also my Mum's as she enjoyed it enormously too. I really thought that Wrexham was all about the shops but I was very wrong. My favourite thing was finding out what the butchers used to do with any unsold meat. I think it was a brilliant idea and it was really fun to ring the wrap up bell. I also enjoyed hearing about Richard Gwyn being hung, drawn and quartered doesn't sound very nice but it was interesting. I also liked the fabulous quiz. I didn't know where any of the objects or plaques were but now you can ask me any one and I'll know it. Thank you again and good luck on your next tour. Best wishes
Bronington VAP School School Lane Bronington Sy13 3HN Dear Phil Diolch. The tour was great! I loved it! I never knew how many beautiful buildings had been demolished. My favourite bit was ringing the bell in the market. It was fun!I would love to go on one again. Wrexham seemed like a lovely place in the olden days, shame it is gone. I really liked the tour because there were lots of interesting facts. I can't believe how many tunnels there were underneath the town. I also did not know there were haunted streets and houses in Wrexham. I loved spotting all the objects on the tour. it was so funny when the butcher told us about the 1959 Hide and Seek champion!! Thank you for the wonderful tour and the fantastic book. The trip was fun and memorable and I would love to do it again. Yours sincerely Jamie W
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