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Teams4U in Wrexham. Making a real difference to children’s lives.

It’s a sad fact that many children find themselves in truly desperate situations. Many of them face a hopeless future. And it’s usually not their fault. Across the world, children have been orphaned by disease or war, and are left to cope alone.


Teams4U give these abandoned children a second chance by helping them recognise their self-worth. It’s about spending time with them. Getting to know them. Listening to them. And making them feel loved.


At Teams4U we take teams of volunteers overseas, where they can make a real difference. We help set up pre-school programmes, run summer camps and sports clubs to give children the chance to learn, improve their confidence and nurture their talents. We’ve arranged and paid for HIV tests for children in Africa, and sorted out counselling for anyone affected. We’ve given children vital school uniform and equipment, and sent computers and sports kits to schools in Europe and Africa. Anything that makes a difference to children, we’ve done it.


Our volunteers talk about their trips as brilliant adventures. They get on a plane and go somewhere they’ve never been before. And make a real difference when they get there. Becoming a volunteer’s really easy and we’d welcome anyone who wants to join us.


But you can help us in other ways if you don’t want to become a volunteer. You could simply make a donation, either as a one off or something more regular. Or join us at one of our fundraising events – there’s a full list on our website – or donate some equipment to us. However, you choose to help us, we’re really, really grateful. And more importantly, so are the children.


Thank you.

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