What exactly is stress?
8th January 2014
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Stress is when we find ourselves under pressure that could be caused by extreme feelings or emotions that make us unable to cope or function well.  Stress tends to suddenly become a way of life where we may think we are coping well, when in fact we are not!

I believe we all suffer with stress from time to time, but are sometimes unaware of the symptoms.

How can stress affect you?

People react differently when they are under stress and may be totally unaware of their behaviour and how it is affecting them. It is therefore important to notice the symptoms of stress earlier rather than later, before it has become acute, because if not checked, it can also cause illness later on in life.

When you suffer with stress it can cause you to malfunction in many ways including:

  • Loss of sleep.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Eating too much or even too little.
  • Feeling anxious and perhaps worry over silly little things that perhaps didn't bother you too much before.
  • Obsessed about cleaning and time keeping.
  • Lapses of memory.
  • Feeling lethargic.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Being more irritable.
  • Headaches including migraine.

Some people tend to keep their feelings 'bottled up' for a very long time when suddenly an incident may trigger off a memory which causes an adverse reaction.

We tend to lead stressful lives when perhaps:

  • We've suffered a bereavement.
  • Been made redundant.
  • Business failure.
  • Breakdown of a friendship.
  • Going through a divorce.
  • Looking after a sick or elderly relative.
  • Losing one of our senses.
  • Moving house.

Sometimes we can feel stressed during certain times of the year when we are supposed to feel happy i.e.:


We plan our annual holiday perhaps months in advance but as the time approaches there are so many things to remember:

  • Has the final deposit been paid?
  • Who will look after the house and pets?
  • Are the passports and visas up to date?
  • Will the tickets arrive on time?
  • Has transport been arranged?
  • Cancellations.

So when a holiday is supposed to be a restful time, it can instead cause a lot of stress and you may end up feeling like you need yet another one soon after!


Birthdays and special days of remembrance can be difficult and stressful too.


This is a time for celebrations, joy and for giving to one another, but it can also be a sad and stressful time as it can also trigger memories of our loved ones including our pets who are no longer with us.

Managing stress

It is important that you manage your stress levels and learn to relax a bit more and 'chill-out' and here are some ways that can help:

  • Doing some daily exercise like walking the dog, or even a short walk around the block can help - you do not have to join an expensive gym!
  • Finding a hobby you like where you might also make new friends.
  • Treat yourself to a beauty treatment.
  • Enjoy a coffee morning with a friend.
  • Listen to some nice soothing music.
  • Having a nice hot bath is also a good way of releasing stress.

Of course if your stress levels are high you should always seek medical advice and your GP would be able to help.


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