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28th January 2014
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If you are not blogging, you could be missing out on vital business connections, contracts and even a new business direction. Here is one recent experience we've had with our blog.

Following a trade show in November, I decided to post a blog piece on an item called the TwistKey (How a USB TwistKey could support your business) and as usual tweeted a link to it on my Twitter feed. This was at about the same time we decided to produce a new product based on TwistKey called LoveTwyst.

Immediately, this post was retweeted around my connections and reached the manufacturers of TwistKey who had just launched their own Twitter account (@TwistKeyTweets). In addition to them loving my blog post, I helped them take their first few steps on Twitter. 

Skip forward a couple of months, we went to the TwistKey offices down in London for a meeting about LoveTwyst. At which point they thanked me for my blog post as well as my assistance with Twitter. During our meeting, we were joined by one of their senior members of staff who also thanked us... and then offered us exclusivity for their products for the professional photography market! This is something which would not have been offered without the positive impact created by our social media inputs and marketing.

We will now be launching not only LoveTwyst at The Photography Show (1-4 March 2014, NEC) but also an exclusive range only available through Kissed Off Creations Ltd.

So the next time you think you don't have time to write a blog piece, think what business you might be missing as you never know who is going to read it.

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