Spend! Spend! Spend! : Now stop! (Part 1)
29th March 2009
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Spend! Spend! Spend! :Part 1

When I started to write this blog, I was going to begin with a homily on how we ve got ourselves into the mess we re in, but changed my mind. We re in a mess, we all know it and we all know how we got there & we don t have to be told again. What we need now are a few simple ideas to help dig ourselves out.

And the first thing we should do, is stop listening to all the doom and gloom being spouted by the media. Radio & television & newspapers, all constantly droning on about the state of the economy and who s to blame and how long its going to last & blah!... blah! & blah! Its all so depressing & and what do people do when they are depressed? Well, as a woman, retail therapy works wonders for me, and for most men, a quick trip to the pub for a laugh and a pint with their mates is usually a good remedy! Spend! Spend! Spend! So, the media & treat them like an irritating child & ignore them for long enough and maybe they ll find something else to do!

Next, we need to follow the example of our parents and grandparents, who lived through WW2 and the years immediately after. For the best part of 10 years, not only was money tight, there was nothing to spend it on. Few luxuries were available and necessities like food and clothing were strictly rationed. People had no option but to put up with shortages and make do . The result healthier people with little debt!

So let s start with being more economical with food. Before you go shopping, decide on your meals for the week and only buy what you need. Cut out the convenience foods, ready made meals, instant sauces, etc., and make everything from scratch. Your meals will be healthier and will cost much less. Go to your local market and buy your fresh fruit and veggies there & you ll save money and you ll be supporting local tradesmen. Cut down on things like sweets, cakes and biscuits & if you really must have them, then make your own. They ll cost you less and taste better than shop-bought equivalents. If you ve got children of the right age, get them involved. Kids generally love to help with things like this, and it serves three purposes keeps them occupied, so they re not stuck in front of the television (switch it off and save electricity!), they re learning something useful and doing their bit to cut costs and save money. One last thing never go shopping for food when you re hungry you will always end up buying things you don t need!

Next, clothing. We live in a throw away society. Charity shops are full of good quality, almost new clothes and shoes that we have bought, got bored with and & thrown away. And then we go out and buy more. This has to stop! Talk to your parents/grandparents, ask them how they managed during the war years they ll tell you they made do clothes were altered, remade, and made to last as long as possible.

See you in Part 2

Betty A

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