Five Reasons for Using Self Storage
7th December 2015
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Our homes and businesses can become overrun with possessions very quickly as we live and work in them each day.  The build-up isn’t often evident until the point where we struggle to find places for all the items we collect, making our lives very disorderly. 

In the home, the build-up of possessions can be anything from an excessive amount of furniture, trinkets, clothes, bedding, toys etc.  Generally, we are very reluctant to dispose of items, because we seem to have the opinion that they may be needed at some point in the future.

In a business environment, simply working in the business can generate so much paperwork, work materials, products and office furniture.  Often filing cabinets are bought to store the paperwork, but very soon the office becomes a long line of continual filing cabinets with a small desk left in the centre and it becomes more and more difficult to work efficiently within the confined spaces. 

It’s always preferable to have a regular clear out at home and in business to ensure you are not holding onto items you no longer need.  However, there are always those items or possessions that you need to keep.  It’s all about having access to those items, but minimising the risk of being overrun with them.  In addition to regular clear outs, another option is self storage, which is an option available to everyone and can be used for many reasons.  Here are five of the reasons why people use self storage.

Moving or Selling Your Home – People use self storage regularly when they move house.  This can be due to downsizing, gaps in the chain meaning they have to rent for a short time or to give them the chance to move items into their new house at a more efficient pace.  If someone is looking to sell their house, we now know from all the television programmes on home improvements that they advise us to de-clutter.  It’s important for the potential buyer to see as much of the property as is possible and with overstuffed book shelves, ten chairs in a room that can only hold five, towels and bedding draped over a chest of drawers they can be put off, whilst we might call it homely.  So, items that an owner wants to keep, but cannot keep in the house whilst it is going through the selling process are put into self storage.

Renovating – If a room within a property is being renovated, where do all the possessions from it move to? Many homes don’t have the space to accommodate the furniture and items from one room, even if they’re distributed to a few rooms within the house.  On top of the dust and mess from the work that’s being carried out, living or working lives can become almost impossible.  Self storage is an affordable option and allows the possessions to be removed from the room without overrunning the rest of the house or business with excessive items. 

Travelling – Whether they are a home owner or student who has decided to take some time to go travelling, you’ve probably still accumulated a number of possessions, which will be need on your return.  Self storage is the perfect option, because belongings can be stored safely and then taken out of storage when required. 

De-Cluttering – We often associated de-cluttering with having a clear out, when we decide to throw numerous items away.  However, even when we do this, we can still find that there’s a lot of clutter.  Self storage removes the items from the building or property, but it does not restrict access to them.  In many cases, it means you can store items in an orderly fashion, which helps you gain fast access to them.

Business Storage – It’s vital to work in an environment that’s orderly and functional, because when offices, corridors, board rooms, store rooms become overrun with items, it can lead to inefficiency, disorganisation and chaos.  Self storage is used for many reasons in business, for example to store products, materials and paperwork. 


Whilst this is a brief overview of why people would look to use self storage, you can find out so much more by contacting Storage King in Worcester. Providing tailor made storage solutions for domestic and business use, which are easy in and easy out no nonsense storage solutions.

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