Different types of self-storage
5th March 2015
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Self-storage is a must for quite a few people. Whether it’s short term because they are moving house or long term storage, perhaps for a businesses for example, self-storage is a valuable commodity.

When it comes to finding somewhere to store you items you might be forgiven for thinking that there is little in the way of choice. Whilst there isn’t a vast number of self-storage options, they can offer vastly different options, the most common of which are detailed below.

The first major type of self-storage is that provided in warehouses. This is the storage type offered by most of the major brands of self-storage that you see on your travels, particularly around large towns and cities. Within these warehouses are rooms of different size, each room being one storage unit. These facilities generally benefit from high security and are often in easily accessible areas. Many also offer facilities such as 24/7 access, use of trollies to minimise the number of trips you have to make and easy access parking. This could well end up being a more expensive option compared to the other types of storage but some will see the extra convenience, security and flexibility offered by indoor, warehouse storage worth the extra money.

Containers are also a popular method of storing belongings. These generally take the form of shipping containers which can come in varying sizes up to 160 square feet. Most storage of this nature is in compounds. Security is often varied with some companies only having basic CCTV and access only during opening hours while other have highly sophisticated CCTV with access panels so you can get to your belongings whenever you desire. Storage in this arrangement can take two forms: either containers stored at the compound or the hire of a container which can be delivered and stored at your property until you no longer need it upon which time it is collected and taken back to the compound. Not all companies will offer the latter, and actually if you are looking at long term container storage, it might be cheaper to buy a container outright. The benefit of this storage method is that it is often cheaper than warehouse storage although there are drawbacks; containers are also prone to extremes of heat and damp so some items may not fare to well with this kind of storage.

There are also lockups that can be used. These generally take the form of garages which are rented out for storage. These are often very accessible and a cheap method for those on a budget. The major drawback is that a padlock is often the only security so your belonging may not be overly safe.

The final type of storage is furniture depositories which some moving companies offer to store your belongings during a move. The moving firm will move all your items for you but you might have difficulty accessing them and their facility may be in remote locations.

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