Charity Begins At Home . . . ?
17th November 2011
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"Charity begins at home . . . . but shouldn't end there" . . . 

We've all heard the phrase 'charity begins at home' and it's been going through my mind with the upcoming 'Children in Need' campaign.

The full quote with '. . . but shouldn't end there' is a much nicer version than the shortened one I think, don't you?

It got me thinking and I came up with a couple of questions that I think it's worth giving some time and attention to:

1) How good are you at looking after yourself?

2) How good are you at looking after your closest relationships?

3) Do you take care of 1 & 2 first so that you are in a good, strong position to help others?

and how important are these questions to you?

Some people think we give too much away, others don't believe we give enough.  Is it about money?  about time?  or something else?

I think this is worth exploring a bit further and I would love to know your thoughts.

Some people I love dearly at very good at looking after others but don't 'fill up their own tank' enough.

Do you know anyone like that?

Let me know your thoughts and experiences on this one . . . and have a great weekend.

Mary & Andy

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