A Perfect Afternoon Tea in Worcester
26th October 2015
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Our friends are important to us and are there when we are in need.  We so often cannot think of ways to thank them for their kindness and for always being there when we need them.


How about inviting them for a very special afternoon tea party?


Here are some tips to help you create the perfect tea party to show you friends how much they mean to you.


Preparing the perfect table for afternoon tea


Firstly cover the table with a table cloth.  If you don’t already own one, perhaps use a clean white sheet.  You might want to choose a colour scheme for the table.  Traditionally, people like to use red and white cheque cloths for the occasion.


Set the table with knives, tea plates, to allow your guests to serve themselves with cakes and sandwiches and they will be able to use the knives to spread butter and jam on scones too.


Ensure that there is a fresh jug of milk on the table and a bowl of sugar, so that when you serve tea and coffee, they can add milk and sugar to their liking. 


What Food Do You Serve During Afternoon Tea?


Before any food is served, it’s nice to have a good selection of biscuits on plates on the table ready for when your guests arrive.  They will really enjoy these with their first cup of tea or coffee.


Prepare a selection of sandwiches and stick to four different fillings.  Perhaps split this to provide two different meat fillings, one fish and the other either cheese or egg.  Ensure that sandwiches are cut into triangles and serve each filling on its own platter.  This is particularly preferable if you have a guest who is vegetarian. 


Cakes are popular, it’s good to ensure there’s a choice of around three different types of cake.  This can include a selection of cup cakes, but it’s also traditional to have cakes that guests can cut slices from, as some guests will enjoy trying a small piece of each cake on offer.


Scones are a fabulous addition to any tea party and it’s great to serve these with a choice of jam, but also provide butter and (if you really want to indulge your guests) clotted cream too.


A Good Selection of Tea & Coffee


Make sure you have the choice of tea or coffee and serve these from tea and coffee pots.  For that extra special touch, you may also wish to serve ice tea.  It’s also nice to provide a selection of fruit teas and to provision for this, you can also provide a pot of plain boiling water to allow your guest to enjoy these.


A Helping Hand


If you simply would like to spend more time entertaining your friends rather than the hours preparing the food and drinks for your perfect tea party, give KB Catering a call.  They provide a fabulous selection of food and can help you create the perfect party for your treasured friends.

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