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After missing several months because of ill heath and family commitments, I remembered how grounding/calming/fun, and educational this evening is.
It feeds my journey of insight, creativity and knowledge.
Friendly group, lots of advice and info. Felt part of the evening. Thanks Louise and Mary.
I <3 them because of the informal friendly atmosphere and really informative conversation. Lovely evening.
Many opened my eyes and a completely new way of looking at my life.
Fun evening, meeting new people with like minded interested an enjoyable night.
great people and fun night to meet new friends and think about own life
I learned so much in the short time I was here & the enthusiasm was infectious! I shall definitely look forward to the next time!
It was a great night with support, focus and fantastic insight. Thank you very much!
They always deliver a fun, informative evening and you get to explore new, interesting decks.
Very insightful. Fuelled my intrigue to delve deeper. Friendly and welcoming to new people attending the group.
Mary's Tarot Academy very much appeals to me because I like - like minded people.
Mary is a fab person, friendly , welcoming , and very interesting, . I send the tarot academy all the luck and best wish , paula cox
I have been joining the Tarot Academy at their monthly meet up for a few years now. It is a lovely relaxed, social group in which to learn about and explore Tarot. Mary and Louise are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about this skill and keen to demonstrate how it can be used as an everyday tool to help us think about decisions, choices and issues in an alternative way. You can also have the chance to browse their extensive collection of Tarot Decks and Oracle Cards - but be careful, it turned me into a collector!!
A fun evening finding out about tarot and what the cards mean, friendly group who are very welcoming.
The Tarot drop-in was insightful, warm, enjoyable and good fun!! Thank you.
I had a wonderful night, thoroughly enjoyed learning about the cards and different meanings in such a lovely environment, will definitely be coming again. Thank you. :)
The evening is always informative, well thought out with really enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere.
Enjoyed learning about how the cards apply to my current situations. Really liked hearing everyone sharing and talking about their cards and what they meant too.
Using the cards in different contexts increases the experience of them and their meanings.
I love The Tarot Academy because it offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, good conversation and enlightening.
I gained insights into my current situation and identified options to take forward. Great experience.
What a fab night, I really enjoyed 'time out' with the other ladies. Mary is interesting. Her philosophy on life is positively illuminating.
REALLY useful workshop. Lots and lots of tools to improve the different aspects of my business. Thank you.
It's rare to hear from a speaker who speaks common sense but who is inspirational at the same time. I left with some very practical advice. thank you.
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