Marching Band of St. Gregory's
Marching Band of St. Gregory's
  • Fallings Park Methodist Church,
    Wimborne Road,
    WV10 0NR
We are a youth marching band, who are members of TYMBA (Traditional Youth Marching Band Association). We were established in 2012 and have become a well known marching band locally, leading the Wednesfield Remembrance Parade annually, as well as the wider regions of which we perform in carnivals, fetes and other charity or celebratory events.


2018 has seen us complete for the first time, and already have a win under our belts.

Our band has been in several magazines, our very own Wednesfield Magazine, Drum Corps World, The Express & Star and The Marching Band Activity magazine “United as one in music”.

Our membership is open from the age of 8, and we encourage all levels of musical ability to come and spend some time with us, make new friends and become part of a fantastic group. Check some of our online presence to see what we get up to, and what you could be a part of. This is your local youth marching band, why not be a member?


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