Wasp nest problems in Wolverhampton
5th April 2012
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Did you know that there are two types of wasp in the UK?

There is the common wasp and the German wasp. They look almost identical.

The worker wasps will have died off in the winter and only the queen wasp wasps survive by constructing a golf ball sized hibernation cell.

In April until early June the queens will begin  the construction of a new nest in your wall cavities, outbuilding or roof voids.

By September the nest can have as many as 10,000 wasps in it!!

During June and July you are unlikely to get a wasp sting as the wasps are busy chasing insects and bringing up the wasp larva.

HOWEVER - come autumn time things change and the wasps are at their most dangerous. Feeding on fermented fruit the 'drunken' wasps become aggressive and that is when stings are more likely.

Wasp Nest removal - What not to do if you find a wasps nest


  • DON'T poke it with a stick to see if there is anything in there
  • DON'T spray it with fly spray - this is likely to make the wasps angry and they will fly at you with stings pointing forwards
  • DON'T don't climb up a ladder to tackle a nest - you will be surprised how tricky it is to stay on or come down with 200 wasps attacking you.
  • DON'T ever try to smoke out the nest - this might calm bees but you are more likely to just burn your shed down and get stung as well
  • DON'T pour boiling water over it - it doesn't work

There are plenty of other DONT'S so DO use your common sense.


There are chemicals available on the market which you can purchase if you want to destroy the nest yourself but my advice is to use the professionals. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING

PROKILL in Wolverhampton are professional and recommended

If you have a wasp problem just call Louise at PROKILL on 01902489580

For more details click this link..


And stay safe!



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