Stand Up To Racism and Bones presents a cultural event
18th February 2020
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Racism – The belief that peoples intrinsic worth are influenced by their race and that the members of other races are not as good as their own, or, the unfair treatment of other races.

Unfortunately we are living in a time where people are judged by the colour of their skin, have we been led to believe that, the lighter you are the righter you are? Have we all been indoctrinated to believe this?

Even look to see how we have been titled;

The Hue Man Race

Doesn’t this equate to

People of colour in COMPETITION!!

Does it ‘REALLY’ have to be like this?

When you look at the different races how come there are only 2 that are labelled by colour, let’s look at the associated meanings…….

White  -          Good                        Clean                        Angelic            Pure                        Bright

Black  -           Bad                          Dirty                         Devilish           Corrupt                    Dull


And this list goes on, and on, and on and……………………………………………..

So, if White is placed at the top, as Good, and Black is at the bottom, as Bad, do all other races clamber to see where they fit in due to the colour of their skin???

Is this why the Asians have their caste system, is this why some Black people try to lighten their skin by bleaching??

Is this a white washed world where the lighter people have the most privileges, while the darker people are being oppressed?

So now you have groups, one that is trying to keep the power base as it is, and others trying to topple the regime, which results in opposing organisations/groups that spring up trying to protect their own, be it ‘Black’ power or ‘White’ power., but, can these kinds of groups only bring on separatism? 

Does this mean that all white people are inherently bad, can’t be trusted and hate all people of colour, does this mean that black people can’t trust anybody that is not their own colour as they are mostly set on continuing our oppression

Is this your belief…………………………………….?

If we continue with this indoctrination what does the future hold for ALL OF US??

Doesn’t this World have too much hate as it is, do we really need anymore????? 

The truth if the matter is, there are good and bad in EVERY COLOUR, but if we judge people, solely off ‘colour’ can we open ourselves to allowing snakes and miscreants into our life’s just because they share the same colour, while refusing help off others because they don’t??

Are we going colour mad and being fooled, in-deed duped by belief and customs??

What would it be like if we were all colour blind and judged people by what is in their heart, how a person acts, not by their colour, or by how much money they own, would we be better off if we accepted people for their inherent kindness.

The Black Panthers credo was, 

‘All Power to the PEOPLE’

They partnered up with any group/organisation that was oppressed and those that wanted to aid their movement, the organisation was infiltrated by their ‘own’ who were found to be working for outside organisations that wanted to disrupt and discredit their group, is there a lesson to be learned here……………………………………………….?

But, more importantly, are you willing to learn that lesson??

For those that are Stand Up To Racism and Bones have partnered up to run quarterly events

The first to be ran at the Heritage Centre Friday 6th March, 19:30. This consists of a night of cultural diversity where artists, be it Poets, Bands, Singers, Rappers, Comedians of different races come together to celebrate ONENESS, where they use their talent to empower, inspire, motivate, and entertain you hoping to make you more knowledgeable, and comfortable as this is a event where all are treated equal, does this sound to good to be true? Well why don’t you just come along and see how we do!!

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