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6th June 2012
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I love the Queen, she seems such a nice lady doesn't she although I'm not sure about her husband, he always seems to be sick when he has to be out and about with her. I see his point though. I am about 21 in doggy years and when I am 90 / 91 on 10th June (Happy Birthday!) like him I'm not too sure I would fancy 4 hours of Jimmy Carr either!

Anyway, you've probably had enough of the Jubilee by now so seeing as there is an important sporting competition coming up in the very near future, I thought I would dedicate this blog to the nation’s number one sport – soccer. Sorry, football – I’ve been watching a bit too much of ESPN recently. Those commentator ‘dudes’ are weird. What the hell does MAKES IT! POWER SHOT! mean? And, you know how we have goals, well some of them seem to think they are basket lines – I think those silly Yank’s mixed up their sports again. Perusing YouTube I noticed these two idiots bringing shame to the beautiful game -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNaz_4vhWiA. They all seem to be like this! Quite frankly it makes me grateful I was born in Leeds!

Now if you havn’t met me before you probably won’t know that I’m a bit of a football fan myself. My mum made me a collar with footballs on and I’ve got a pretty sweet knitted Wolves coat. Yes I am a Wolves fan and yes it’s not easy sometimes but I think it’s less stressful than being the Chelsea manager, the guy who picks the team, begins with an A…Ab…Abram, I think but I’ll have to check that one.

So, back to what I wanted to discuss. Firstly we all know about the European Championships and England’s hopes. I personally think we might do ok and that takes into account having the West Brom coach in charge! I normally go with Dad’s opinion as he knows slightly more about tactics than me. I would just wait for the chip over and leg it up the wing. He thinks the manager is ok and that we might actually surprise everyone by winning a few games and that the quarter final match will get the country going if we make it through. We would play Croatia, Italy, Ireland or Spain but Ireland would be a pretty cool match. I wouldn’t know who to support though what with half the Ireland team being Wolves players!

Secondly and most importantly I overheard Mum and Dad the other day. They had gone out for the evening somewhere and it turned out that mine and Ellie’s logo is actually on a clubs football strip. How cool is that?! Now my first choice would have naturally been on the Wolves shirts but Dad said I have to wait a few years because of ‘financial constraints.’

So, my funny little face will be matching up against various teams across the West Midlands next season. I think I’m pretty sure that if they let me in the team I’d be on the wing, left or right it doesn’t really matter as I use my mouth but the main reason is that I’m seriously quick. I’m faster than Usain Bolt put it that way. I’m also faster out the blocks than a racing greyhound so I’m pretty proud of that although they do catch me up after about 30 metres but their legs are triple the size of mine so give me some credit! I’ll leave you with a clip of what I mean and details of my new team.


Clip of me Ellie and our friend Dory although I'm a bit gutted the video makes me look slow, I am much faster in the flesh!


Akademik FC currently play in the Wolverhampton and District Sunday Football League. Their website is currently under construction but have a look at their Facebook page in the meantime (http://www.facebook.com/akademik.fc).


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