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4th July 2012
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Seeing as this blog’s release has coincided with 4th July aka Independence Day I thought I would go down the patriotic route today.....

What exactly is Independence Day though? Dad tells me it happened a long long time ago, July 4th 1776 to be precise, and that on that day our Yankydoodle friends over that huge stretch of water, of which I have seen but not gone in (the waves freak me out), took it upon themselves to make a country that is of course officially known as USA! USA! USA! American people on the telly seem to shout it at least three times, I presume the more they like being American the more they will repeat that they are from there.

USA has brought us many fine things over the years. I remember the time Dad left his fries on his plate whilst he went to get a drink, probably was Coke although he likes Pepsi more but that is another story, and with all my might I could not resist. Ellie was there to egg me on though. As soon as I had lifted that golden potato soaked in lovely, tasty fat, Ellie used it as a green light to chomp on a whole load in one mouthful! Who got the blame? Moi of course! Even though chips are lovely, they clog my arteries. Dad sells these bags of dried sweet potato pieces that are, let’s be honest, nothing is as good as a chip but it comes very close!

A not so good American invention for us canines is the Blockbuster film. Mum and Dad like to go to the cinema but this inevitably means that I get shut in the utility room with Toby. He loses his mind when he gets alone so I’ve been forcefully delegated the job of being his chaperone, great. The only compensation I get is arawhide chewy and sometimes a few treat biscuits. One of my favourite biscuits are the Hungry Hector Cornish Pasty Flavour biscuits – there’s nothing like a good pasty to raise your spirits.

On that note I will say goodbye but please look out for my next blog. I’m really looking forward to it as I will have a very special surprise for all your dogs that involves the Olympics! Now I’m guessing that will be a patriotic event!


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