Made in the Black Country... Why buying from The Sofa Factory Outlet & Manufacturer Wolverhampton makes so much sense
7th April 2014
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Amongst our friends and family this is an all too common scenario... 

You are looking for new sofas so you arm yourself with a tape measure and head off the high street or retail park. You find a settee you love but it's too large to fit into the space available. Or you like a particularly corner sofa but it doesn't come in the fabric you wanted. Or perhaps you've found the perfect three piece suite but you really needed a sofa bed and the range doesn't have one. 

Back to the drawing board right? Off to the next store in the hope that they'll have that dream sofa in exactly the right dimensions, with the ideal fabric, and at a price you can afford? 

Aren't you sick of trying to shoehorn your furniture into your home? Wouldn't you prefer to choose the sofa you love and not have to worry about whether you can get it through the door? 

With The Sofa Factory Outlet & Manufacturer Wolverhampton, that's exactly what you can do. Located on Thomas Street, Wolverhampton, the company has been going for more than 12 years, and whilst other independent furniture stores have struggled and failed in the face of stiff competition from the national brands, The Sofa Factory Outlet has thrived. 


Three simple reasons. Firstly, The Sofa Factory Outlet & Manufacturer offers a 'Price Promise', which means that they won't be beaten on price. 

Secondly, every item comes with a ten year guarantee.

And thirdly, The Sofa Factory has its own factory, with all furniture manufactured by skilled Black Country craftsman. Not only are you assured the highest standards of quality and workmanship, but a choice and flexibility that would make the high street names' eyes water!

For example, if you find a three seater sofa you adore that's too big for your room, not a problem! Simply let The Sofa Factory Outlet know the proportions you want and their 'made to measure' service will do the rest! You need an 8 foot settee? Of course! Want something a little deeper or adapted into a sofa bed? That's fine! You'd like the cushions to be soft and squishy or firm? Just ask! 

Plus you'll never be frustrated by fabrics again. You know what we mean – the sofa you like doesn't have that perfect fabric style or colour but one you can't stand does! Why can't every sofa have every fabric option? Well, at The Sofa Factory Outlet & Manufacturer Wolverhampton, every single chair, love seat and settee comes with 3,000 fabric/colour options. That's right. THREE THOUSAND. 

Plus, there are more than sixty sofa models available, all of which can be adapted into corner units, small or large settees, sofa beds... the choice is yours.

All you have to do is choose the sofa you like, put a deposit down and the balance won't be due until your item has been delivered and thoroughly inspected by you. 

And of course, we mustn't forget that by supporting a local, independent store, with a factory employing local, skilled tradespeople, you are really giving back to Wolverhampton and the Black Country in general. In essence, you are keeping those important traditions and skills alive in our community. 

Don't be deceived by appearances 

You may have walked past The Sofa Factory Outlet on Thomas Street, Wolverhampton, and assumed that it's just a little furniture shop. However, you would be wrong. Step inside and you'll realise that the shop is similar to a tardis, with a veritable treasure trove of beautiful, practical, quality sofas and suites. 

Plus, the staff are well known for their friendly, knowledgeable approach. You won't be given the hard sell or pushed to make a quick decision; if you want advice and information, they're on hand. If you'd prefer to be left alone to browse the collection alone, just let them know. And The Sofa Factory's aftersales service is second-to-none, assuring you complete peace of mind long after you purchase your furniture. 

Buy Local! 

When the choice is between a national, faceless brand with limited options when it comes to adapting dimensions and fabrics, and an independent, Wolverhampton company that employs local, highly skilled craftsmen to manufacture bespoke sofas... well, surely the decision is easy! 

Please click here for more information about The Sofa Factory Outlet & Manufacturer Wolverhampton.

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