Is begging a bugbear in Wolverhampton City Centre?
28th October 2009
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Tackling Begging in Wolverhampton City Centre

Whilst Wolverhampton doesn’t have a huge problem with begging,  a survey* recently carried out by the City Centre Company on a range of issues showed that 76% of respondents were concerned about the levels of begging in the city.


In order to educate people to donate to recognised charities, WCCC undertook a poster campaign and worked with the police in informing members of the public.


Kim Gilmour, City Centre Manager said: “Begging is an emotive issue as people often think they are supporting homeless people.  But giving direct to people on the street may not be the best option when there are charities offering food, clothing and showering facilities open to a wide range of homeless, vulnerable or socially excluded people.


“We are concerned people giving money could unwittingly encourage more beggars into the city centre acting as a deterrent to other visitors.



“Our message is simple, if you want to donate, donate to a recognised charity that supports vulnerable people and our campaign includes information on what organisations provide local services.”


*WCCC City Centre Health Check June 2009


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