High School Musical 2, Opening Night at The Grand!
22nd October 2009
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Tonight we went to the theatre and it was just great.

We went to see High School musical 2 at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton and we thoroughly enjoyed a polished performance from the whole cast.

You might not think that I am a 'High School musical' expert but trust me I AM.

Am I qualified to report on the HSM 2 performance at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton?- absolutely and I will tell you why......

With two daughters under the age of 8 who are both big fans let me tell you what I have had to endure....

I have watched all of the high school musical films at least 20 times and I have listened to them more times than I can imagine while the kids watch the films in the back of the car.

I know all of the songs, all of the characters and pretty well the complete script word for word of every film.

It is generally on Spotify at home courtecy of one of the girls putting it on my lap top. (don't know what 'spotify' is? come on - get up to date!!)

And if you think that is more than enough of High school musical for one dad I have also put two poster up and a HSM calendar in the girls bedrooms. I have to look at Troy every single morning!

And Finaly, we all went to see the 'High School musical' show in Birmingham last year.

So...I am a self professed expert on HSM and HSM 2.

It is with this experts eye and extensive knowledge that I can confidently say that this was simply a great performance.

The choreography was imaginative and the dance routines were tight, full of life and exciting.

All of the individual performances were worthy of praise, even from our old (ish) friend Les Dennis.

As a musical performance it was fun, polished, energetic and thoroughly enjoyable. Forget that this was not on one of the big West End stages with fantastic stage sets because it wasn't needed. The performances, dancing and singing were complimented with really effective sets with slick change overs and it all came together brilliantly.

I want to mention two performances in particular.

Firstly Lauren Hall who played Sharpay. She was utterly convincing, played the part to a T, had great presence on stage and might have stolen the show. It was just as well that the other performances were strong and supported her other wise this might have become the Lauren Hall show. Lauren Hall - Sharpay Evans, well done, you were brilliant and hugely entertaining. I didn't expect to laugh out loud.

One to watch out for - Emma Dukes who played Kelsi. Emma is clearly very talented and threw herself into the part of Kelsi Nielson. Not easy to stand out in such a talented group of singers and dancers but she did. Nice performance Emma, we will be watching you with interest.

HSM2 is only on at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton until Saturday 24th October so if you want to treat the kids  or your selves to a really fun musical then be quick and call the box office. 01902 42 92 12.




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