Green and Healthy. f-word in wolverhampton
11th March 2010
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Green and Healthy. f-word in Wolverhampton.

Q. What’s green and healthy?


A. Sprouts, cabbage, broccoli... and cycling.



While some people enjoy the first 3, they are not free and aren’t nearly as much fun as the fourth one.


The main pleasure for me comes from another ‘f’ – fresh air. Since the age of five (there’s another one) most of my exercise has come this way. With cycle paths and tow paths all over Wolverhampton I can’t think of anything better and neither can Dan Price. Dan’s family have been at the helm of a local institution for over 100 years. Throughout the early 1900s they manufactured the Sedgley Beacon range of cycles and the cycle factory buildings are still owned by the family.


To try and encourage young people away from Playstations they are offering £70 off a quality 2010 model BMX. This is available from his own shop in Wolverhampton - B D Price Cycles.


This is only available to bestof Wolverhampton members so if needbe sign up ( free of charge) quick – there is only limited stock – and freewheel forever to feeling of freedom!


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