European legacy
5th October 2015
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I was attending my 3 major competition in the sport after playing in 2012 at the 4 nations. The world cup in 2013 and the event the European championships. All playing for Wales.

We kicked of the competition v Scotland losing out by one point in the end. But we know that as a team we could develop we had a number of new players and the others lads, all from north Wales crusaders we I coached and played .

We can up against a strong England team they won by a good number but we were happy in 2014. They bet us by a ton. Next up Ireland for me a country I could have played for as well and with my roots in international wheelchair basketball still coaching. My heart was in to places we lost again but to try. A great game to watch and not a blow out as some games were getting one sided results.

The French were the best in the world. Champions in 2013 and looked strong and new line up of players had come this season and they could play the ball fly over the line and I could say I had one or moments in the game were I up in a shift. A try saving tackle and run in the middle of the court.

That night I was told I was to make history by being the highest capped player for the wheelchair rugby league game. And the first player from Wales to play in all three championship games. 

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