Are you paying too much for your sofa, three piece suite or sofa bed?
13th July 2014
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We've all seen the adverts. Buy now, pay later, 50% off, double discount deals... it seems as if the high street sofa outlets have a sale on 365 days a year. 

But what does this really mean? Are you getting a great deal or are they massively inflating their prices before dropping them back down to a more acceptable price and trying to convince us that they're doing us a favour? And how much are we paying for these high street names to act as middlemen for the actual sofa manufacturers? 

We can't help but be a little cynical of big name brands that seem to have a perpetual sale, and that's why the Sofa Factory Outlet on Thomas Street, Wolverhampton, is such a breath of fresh air. For the past twenty years, the Sofa Factory has been hand making their own sofas, settees, suites, corner sofas, chairs and sofa beds in their own Black Country workshop. 

You decide what style you prefer and in what fabric (with over 2,000 fabrics to choose from at no extra cost, we would suggest that you pay the Sofa Factory Outlet a visit when you know you have plenty of time to spare!) You can then specify exactly what size you would like your chosen sofa or suite to be (no, unlike most high street stores, you are not restricted to their set sizing). 

Confused? Simply ask one of the Sofa Factory Outlet's friendly yet unobtrusive staff members, who will be more than happy to offer guidance about particular styles, sizes, fabrics and lead times. 

At that point, your order will be passed on to a team of skilled, local craftsmen, who will create a 'made to measure', 'made to last' product based on your exact requirements. And once delivered, your sofa comes with an automatic frame construction guarantee. 

Surely this will cost more than the high street options? 

You would think so, wouldn't you? After all, great quality and service usually come with a serious price tag. 

So you will be delighted to discover that these exceptionally well made, stylish and comfortable sofas, settees, chairs and sofa beds are also incredibly good value – in many cases they are a fraction of the price of similar high street alternatives. 

Why? Because the Wolverhampton sofa specialists not only sell, but also manufacture their sofas, which means no 'middleman' costs or massive retail mark-ups. In addition, the Sofa Factory Outlet sources its stunning, natural fabrics direct from top mills to keep costs down. 

Plus the Sofa Factory Outlet's Price Promise means that they simply won't be beaten on price. If on the very rare occasion you were to find a similar style and quality sofa cheaper elsewhere, the Sofa Factory will match it. 

The Sofa Factory Outlet & Manufacturer Wolverhampton is located on Thomas Street, Wolverhampton and is open seven days a week. Why not opt against the retail park just this once and take a look at what a local, independent sofa company can do for you instead? After all, the 240 happy customers who have taken the time to recommend The Sofa Factory can't all be wrong... right?

Further information, full contact details and opening times for The Sofa Factory Outlet & Manufacturer Wolverhampton can be found by clicking here.

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