11 seconds that changed my life (Alan Caron)
2nd October 2015
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My first international senior team competition after working as team manger/assistant coach to under 23 GB team from 2004 to 2006. Two European championships first Gold. Second Silver and one world championship in Birmingham. England in 2005.

With Ireland my role was to assist with coaching and game coaching on the court side as the head coach also played. In the pool stages we won against Greece. Lost to Bosnia and Herzegovina and hosts Portugal placing us 4 we then lost by 2 points to Finland. Setting us up for a semi final v Bosnia and Herzegovina we lost to what would be the competition winners. We played for 3rd place v Finland and what a game we were up and then they were up. With 11 seconds to go a time out was called and plan to shot for over time or the win. We set up and the clock ran the ball was put in and a pass yes a pass to hands but it was all fingers we dropped the ball and Finland picked it up and down the court. 11 seconds that changed my life but for the good it has made my thing about getting better as a coach a strong leader. We have changed how Irish wheelchair basketball is going to be played social media has helped us be seen and I look forward to the future of the game.

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