Medical Mavericks
  • Fordhouses Cricket Club,
    Wobaston Road
    WV9 5HH
Medical Mavericks provide an amazing practical insight of medical careers for students in the Wolverhampton area.


Medical Mavericks is a mobile sports science and hospital lab that visits schools around the region with the goal of inspiring students to become scientists and medics in the future.

They are based out of the Fordhouses Cricket Club in Wolverhampton and they are a great service for the youth of today. This unit allows students the opportunity to experiment with real medical equipment which gives them an idea of what a career in the field would entail.

Contrary to popular belief, these are not areas that require A grades in examinations in order to thrive.

Medical Mavericks caters for the Wolverhampton area and it is run by passionate team members who have direct experience in the given fields.

What is unique about this business is the amazing access that students have to medical equipment that would usually be off-limits. They can experiment with ultrasound machines, record an ECG of their heart and even use a needle to take blood from a fake arm.

If you wish to book a session with Medical Mavericks, it is extremely easy to do and there is no heavy paperwork that needs to be done. To make a booking or an enquiry, simply send an email to or give them a call at 0190 259-5089.

You don’t even need to have large facilities to cater for Medical Mavericks; all that is needed is a room, some tables and the students.

The folks at Medical Mavericks are great fun and generate massive engagement with students with the way the sessions are presented. They give out plenty of freebies and are extremely helpful when it comes to questions related to pursuing a medical career.

This is a great idea for any principal or teacher to consider for their students. Usually, students find it hard to narrow down their potential career choices because they only vaguely know about them from reading them online or out of a book.

By having the team at Medical Mavericks come in and showcase what the world of medical careers is actually about in a practical manner, students will have a much better idea of what exactly it entails.

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