The Friends of Woking Community Hospital
  • Heathside Rd,
    GU22 7HS
Working to support Woking Community Hospital and its patients

The Friends of Woking Community Hospital is a voluntary organisation, registered as a charity since 1970, which seeks to support the work of our local hospital and enhance the care provided there.

Our organisation is governed by a Committee of Trustees, who will consider suggestions from the hospital for equipment or amenities that would otherwise not be possible to provide from the hospital’s budget.

How We Help

Since the year 2000, The Friends have donated some £400,000 to the Hospital, which has funded electronic beds, conservatories, a retinal tomograph (a computerised scanner which can detect the eye disease, such as glaucoma, much earlier than was previously possible), a wet room for the Bradley Unit and a host of other equipment and furnishings.

As well as equipment and facilities, The Friends proudly support a Christmas Carol Service each year and help those unfortunate enough to need to spend Christmas in hospital to celebrate, with everything from trees and decorations to mince pies and cakes!

How YOU Can Help

Become a Friend

Over 100,000 people visit the hospital every year but there are only 330 of us! We are really focused on increasing our membership and, therefore, the numbers of people that kindly contribute through annual subscriptions. This will allow us to use that income to provide even more support for the hospital. The funds from subscriptions provide almost one third of our total income.

Our suggested minimum subscription is £5, however we would encourage you to give more if you can afford to.  

As a member, you will receive a twice yearly letter from the Chairman and updates about the various events we organise throughout the year.  


Becoming a Friend doesn’t put you under any obligation to volunteer, but if you’d like to help out at our events or join in with our garden work parties, we’d love to see you!


Many patients, or their friends and relatives, are keen to say ‘thank you’ when they’ve been well looked after by the hospital. An ideal way to do this is to give a donation to The Friends, so that we can continue our work.  

Legacies and Bequests

Anyone can include a legacy to The Friends in their will and any amount is welcome – it doesn’t need to be a large sum! Just ask your solicitor to include The Friends of Woking Community Hospital, Registered Charity 261396 in your will.


You’ll find lots more information about The Friends on our website, including an application form to become a Friend. Just click on the link at the top of the page. 

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