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Renewing Harmony specialises in offering a number of different reflexology treatments and Indian Head Massage, in the comfort of your own home, to clients in and around Woking.

Renewing Harmony is run by Dawn Fairburn, a practising Reflexologist and Indian Head Massage Therapist since 1993.  Dawn was introduced to reflexology after receiving a treatment as a gift.  She was so amazed at how complementary therapies could help people deal with stress and the positive effects it can have on peoples’ health that she decided it was something she wanted to learn more about and share with other people.

In 2010 Dawn set up Renewing Harmony and recently moved to the Woking area, bringing her years of experience with her.

Offering a number of reflexology treatments and Indian Head Massage, treatments which are specifically designed to help give you have a better balance of general health, including reducing excess stress and improving sleep, thereby improving your wellbeing.  As Renewing Harmony is totally mobile, you can save money as they come to you and don’t have expensive overheads to cover within their costings.


Customer Comments…..

“Dawn is dedicated and respectful and works with the needs of clients.  She is open to feedback both positive and critical and is easy to work with because of this openness.”

“You treat my feet with such reverence!”


About Reflexology

Reflexology is a non-invasive and holistic therapy that is well established and respected in the field of complementary therapy and is applied to the feet, hands, ears and face.

By applying a very specific and skilled 'routine', reflexology aims to stimulate the nerve endings and send signals along the nerve pathways to the central nervous system, where they are processed, and filtered to the corresponding part of the body or organ being worked on.  This aims to re-balance your mind body and spirit.

Reflexology treatments available include Hot Stone (where heat is used to intensify the relaxing effect of the treatment), Fertility, Maternity and reflexology for Babies & Children.

Fertility & Maternity Support:

Although the decision to try for a baby is a joyous one, actually trying to conceive can become very stressful, which in turn can affect the chances of success.

Whether you are trying on your own, or are embarking on IVF treatment, reflexology can help keep your body and mind relaxed and help to eliminate any stress you may be feeling from the physical and emotional upheaval that comes with trying for a baby.

These sessions aim to support, relax and keep you balanced whilst you are undergoing conventional fertility drug treatments and are not an alternative to medical intervention.


Baby on the way……?

Regular reflexology sessions during the various stages of pregnancy, especially the latter stages, can have a profound effect on easing some of the normal side effects of pregnancy, such as backache and swollen feet/ankles.  Some studies have even shown that women who receive regular sessions throughout their pregnancy experience a reduction in the length of first stage labour and report less pain in labour also.

And once the baby is born, many women find reflexology supportive in helping their body recover from the birth and coping with any post natal depression.  They also find that reflexology can have a very soothing effect on their baby and, at Renewing Harmony, sessions are available for treatments to be administered directly to your child or for you to learn soothing and calming techniques that you can use at home.

Indian Head Massage:

Indian Head Massage focusing on the head, neck, shoulders, arms and face and is an effective stress release therapy.  A combination of massage techniques are used to help loosen muscles and stimulate the nervous system, which in turn eases tension and can help relieve ongoing issues such as tension headaches and eye strain.

The treatment can be performed over clothing or directly to the skin and can therefore be administered just about anywhere.


Individuals & Businesses

As well as her individual clients, Dawn also provides onsite treatments to staff.  Many businesses now see a benefit in ensuring the health and wellbeing of their employees.  After all, we regularly hear about the amount of working days lost to stress and back problems.  Reflexology and Indian Head Message can be administered onsite with the minimum of disruption, and can have a massively positive effect on the whole workforce.

If this is something you would be interested in discussing, please contact Dawn for more details.


Reflexology treatment is suitable for people of all ages and from all walks of life, right from birth and, with appointments available up to 8pm weekdays and even at weekends, fitting in sessions is easy, especially as you don’t have to factor in any travel time yourself.  If you think reflexology or indian head massage could help you, then given Dawn a call today. For more information, visit the Renewing Harmony website.

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