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A heart of gold with hands to match! Rafal has the competency, broadness of mind, spirit and therapies to treat, alleviate and heal injuries new and old. Lucky to have been followed off and on for the past two years by him for sports/work related incidents, both chronic and in urgency. His reliability and speed in need is extremely precious. A very talented and gifted man whose presence brings a smile to your face and body! Jo'ell S.
Rafal has been treating my back for years. He is fantastic! I wouldn't trust anyone else with my physiotherapy. Always makes the time for me, even for emergency calls! Also a wonderful man himself. Couldn't ask for anything more.
I am 80 years old with a stroke and with claudication disabled man. When I met Rafal two years ago, I was house bound. Since then I have been weekly treatment. Almost all aches and pain has gone. I drive now and have taken up my hobbies again. I find him very devoted to patients welfare and individual requirements as far as treatment is concerned. I consider him as God sent for my welfare. I wish him success in his goal of serving the humanity. Nazir Rubbani
Rafal has treated me for 10 years. He is a brilliant therapist. His skill as a physiotherapist, masseur, and naturopath is second to none. I work as a trainer and in healthcare myself and would absolutely recommend him.
Having suffered from lower back pain due to a fall three years ago, Rafel has produced a menu of treatments that have given me a good reduced pain free life style. He gives good advice and support on day to day pain management. I am so grateful to have met such a caring and supportive physiotherapist. Jan.
We have using Rafal for several of years now. He knows what he's doing! I Had a neck problem, after few sessions was totally fine. Thank you! Really recommend.
After seeing a number of different therapists over a number of years I was fortunate enough to come across Rafal. Until then no one else was able to help me, but the first time I saw Rafal he was clearly someone that knew exactly what he was doing. He knows human anatomy and is highly experienced in a wide range of techniques. I cannot praise him enough; he is friendly, helpful and an all round good man.
I've known and been treated by Rafal for over ten years and would confidently recommend him without hesitation. He has treated me over this time on a monthly basis for a number of things from stress reduction to a really bad achilles injury using Cupping, SWT. Rafal is a true professional, hugely knowledgeable, very friendly and approachable. In my opinion after seeing many physios in the past Rafal is gifted.
This man is the best. I first met him over ten years ago, when he began manipulating my feet and lower back. He has worked wonders on them and he now visits me on a regular basis. He has a wide range of skills and modern techniques. You will find him cheerful and friendly, very knowledgeable, and always sympathetic and understanding of your physical problems.
I've met many Physio's over the past 20 years and Rafal is by far the most knowledgable and experienced I've known. I have a serious knee injury which has been apparent for all of my adult life and it needs constant attention. RAFAL has been my physiotherapist for almost 2 years now and I trust him completely with my injuries and really value his advise when it comes to my wellbeing and health. He has a very good understanding of the human anatomy regardless of age, gender or injury, he keeps up to date with the industry standards and any qualifications he needs to renew. I would recommend him to anyone (he also sees 7 other members of my immediate family regularly). I'm really happy to have RAFAL as part of my 'team'.
I have progressive multiple sclerosis and have been treated by Rafal for the last 9 years with deep tissue massage, stretching, infrared lamp and, most recently, electro-stimulation and shockwave therapy. Rafal's treatments are quite simply the best I have found anywhere - and I have looked far and wide. As a result I have been able to maintain what the specialists tell me is an unusual degree of flexibility and have avoided much of the muscle deterioration, stiffness and pain that often accompanies MS. Rafal tailor-makes his treatments based on a deep knowledge of musclo-skeletal problems and constantly looks for ways to develop and enhance his treatments, which has been ideal for me as my condition has evolved over time. He has been, and continues to be, a huge help to me; and we have become good friends. I recommend him without reservation.
Rafal is the best massage and sports physio I have come across. His knowledge of anatomy and ability to get straight to the problem area is very impressive. Rafal is able to target highly effective treatment exactly where it is needed. His power and knowledge enables him to offer a standard of therapy which is superior to any other practitioner I have come across. In short, Rafal is the best, and is highly recommended.
Rafal has been my massage therapist for many years now. I have kept with him because he is the best and relieves the terrible tension I carry in my back from my job and makes me feel human again!! I trust him and he is a good friend. I would recommend him to anyone. Carmen
I have been receiving treatment from Raf for about 3 years now and I have the utmost trust and respect for him. He is extremely knowledgable and compassionate and we have a real laugh during our sessions. He has currently been helping me recover from a knee operation and his use of electro therapy and laser treatment has improved my recovery rapidly. My whole family currently use Raf and I would highly recommend him to any friends as he is simply extremely accomplished at his job.
I have been suffering from back issues for a number of years. After finding Rafal and his therapy treatments I am now pain free with only the occasional top up visit. I can't recommend Rafal enough and recommend him to all my friends and family.
I can thoroughly recommend Rafal.he is excellent in all his therapies and also is an extremely nice man. Puts you at ease completely...and I feel very lucky to have found him.
I injured my knee whilst skiing. It was extremely painful and seemed as though it would never get better. I had 3 therapy sessions with Rafal, who is extremely knowledgeable and highly qualified, and my knee was completely better. He used an electric device which made the muscles in my leg pulse on their own! A little disconcerting but highly effective.
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