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8th September 2014
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I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I made my way down to the gorgeous location which is Windsor Marina. I felt I had been transported to another country before I even got in the POWMAK studio as the Marina is especially beautiful in the morning sun.

Sam, the owner, met me at the door and explained the history behind what she has created over the last 5 years. The website www.powmak.com details the story of why she developed the POWMAK concept which in summary came out of a need to fix a problem with her back without surgery.

The unique studio and sessions were created using research and equipment from all around the world, and you can’t fail to be impressed when you see the set-up.

This most certainly is NOT just another exercise fad like hot yoga

I go to a great yoga class every Sunday morning and take regular trips to my chiropractor to help ease my back and shoulder pain – which is self-inflicted like many of us by sitting at a computer for too long every day.

I do often feel tempted to try new exercise classes and types!

I know that my pain is alleviated by regular exercise although it never quite goes away. Sam spent some time asking me where my problem areas were and what I wanted to achieve out of the session and explained that to get rid of the pain completely I really needed to not just temporarily treat the problem, but re-train the way I sit, stand, move and rest. I know she is right but how hard would this be to do?

A unique fusion of Pilates, Yoga, Physiotheraphy and dance movements

Sam started by showing me a number of exercises on the special machines which they imported from America.

These machines allow you to get in the correct position and, because of the support they provide, you’re able to achieve a better stretch and position than if you were simply using a mat. There’s no chance of injury as the machines help you get into position, and you achieve a really satisfying combination of movements because they are tailored to everyone’s particular issues.

The whole activity is slow and relaxing but it does burn calories and build muscle without the frenetics of going down a gym!

I already had a grasp of some of the movements as I do yoga, but many people who come are not experienced so are trained by the team to get into the positions. It’s surprisingly easy AND surprisingly effective. I really felt the stretches and even a week later I still feel immensely better for my hour with Sam. That has never happened following any other class or treatment I’ve done as the benefits seemed to disappear after a day or two.

Not so with POWMAK - I am converted!

I have no doubts that after a few regular sessions I would be able to re-train my body and posture so that I would find it easier not to get into the bad habits which cause the stress on my body and result in discomfort and pain.

I would advise anyone who wants to get more flexible, wants to keep their body mobile as they grow older and/or who regularly has pain and discomfort somewhere in their body to go down for a session and try it for themselves.

No ordinary health and fitness studio

POWMAK is no ordinary fitness studio. The staff clearly care for their members and are genuinely passionate about what they do. You can do a 1 to 1 or a class (or both) and then when you’re fully au fait with the positions you can come down and use the studio when you want.


POWMAK also have an equally impressive fitness class called POWMIX. I also tried this – such fun! I will do a blog on this in due course, but go down and try it out for yourself.

Special October Price

There’s a special launch price for October so don’t miss this! You can contact POWMAK on: 01753 832992 or email pilates@powmak.com

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