Lemon is the answer to a holistic healthy approach
15th December 2015
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Lemon is the answer to a holistic healthy approach


In Japan the essential oil of lemon is diffused through the air systems of offices and factories as it increases concentration and the ability to memorise, significantly reducing mistakes.

Research has confirmed that the aroma of lemon is relaxing to brain waves, which improves concentration. It was the most effective essential oil tested in reducing computer errors; those working in a lemon scented room made less than half the mistakes of those working in unscented rooms. Because it appears to stimulate the mind whilst calming emotions, therefore sniffing lemon can be helpful when making decisions.



If you feel tense, sprinkle a few drops of lemon balm essential oil (Melissa officinalis) onto a handkerchief and inhale deeply. 
It is said the crystal citrine (the name is derived from the colour – the yellow of the lemon) cleanses the emotions and promotes happiness, inner strength and hope. Either carry citrine or a lemon with you, to enhance these qualities.

Love life

Lemon balm is a magnetising herb which has been known to be made into a charm and worn to attract a lover into someone’s life. The scented leaves can be scattered in a bath to exude romance.

Weight Loss

Drinking lemon juice with a pinch of salt every morning in warm water lowers cholesterol and helps weight loss. It also helps your body optimise the energy from the food you eat.


Lemon water is a great purifier for your body, simply sip warm or cool water with lemon juice in it throughout the day.

Raising energy levels

Research has proven that the aroma of lemon oil can enhance your mood, and relax you. It is excellent for lifting spirits and effective in a sick room where the patient has had to remain for days at a time, brightening energy and lifting the spirits.

Personal Hygiene

A cut lemon rubbed under each armpit every morning is an effective deodorant, in preference to some shop-bought deodorants which have been said to contain cancerous properties.

In your home

The juice is roughly 5–6% citric acid with a pH level of around 2–3. This low pH acidity makes lemon juice fundamental in breaking down rust and mineral stains, yet gentle enough not to dull finishes. There is normally sufficient juice in used lemon halves to tackle small tasks, and it all comes with its own applicator, the rind! On top of this, the oil in the rind is perfect to clean most culinary utensils.

Beautify yourself

Want baby soft skin? Let lemons come to the rescue with this skin scrub recipe; Mix 125g sugar with finely chopped lemon rind and enough olive oil to make a paste. Wet your body in the shower, turn off the water and massage the sugar mix all over. Rinse and relish your newly softened skin.

As we prepare ourselves for even more festive parties, which rightly so, will be full of indulgence, keep your mind and body beautiful to stand you in good stead…find solace in a lemon!

Lemons are indispensable, economical and ecological. They offer a complete answer to a healthy lifestyle. Lemon Compendium shares all the ways in which lemons can brighten your life, including my globally inspired lemonlicious recipes, here are some of my favourite tips about the golden fruit that is the lemon, enjoy!

With Lots of Lemony Love,

Yasemen Kaner-White X 

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