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4th March 2016
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Business travel comes in several shapes and sizes:

Business trips

When overseas business travel is needed for either executives and/or staff, it needs to be efficient and hassle-free so that everyone arrives fresh and ready to do business when they arrive. Ideally, it should be handled by an external agency not only to provide cost-efficiency but also to ensure every detail is taken care of, and if there are problems these can be handles quickly and easily. An agency will handle visas, the booking of flights, airport check-in, hotels, transportation, transfers and a local guide if required


If the business is arranging travel for a very important person then the need for high end arrangements is so much greater.


Staff weekends

Weekends away for team building exercises or employee reward and bonding somewhere warm may be in order – but this can be quite a feat to organise as everyone will have different requirements and dietary needs and the whole party really need to be in one hotel for example.


Another challenge can be finding the right external suppliers and partners to make the event extra special in a town away from home but the hotel or local websites should be able to help.


Staff weekends, rewards and other events may be held in the UK but these still need impeccable organisation.


Client hospitality:

For major clients an overseas jaunt can be a lot of fun and a very useful way to say thank you, or as an excellent way of building stronger ties. The more important the client, the greater the effort may need to be with an outstanding menu, top class entertainment, and first class accommodation all of which needs to be managed to perfection. Cementing stronger ties is important, but so is getting the blend right, offering an incredible experience may just be the way to go. In which case getting the venue right, the travel arrangements, the finer details and perhaps the once in a lifetime experience will all go towards providing a lasting memory for many years to come.

Staff incentives and rewards:

Often holidays and weekend breaks are offered as a performance incentive or  as a reward for outstanding commitment or results. Involving a friend or spouse is a great way of rewarding the support they provide the employee. And providing a reward which goes beyond what staff would buy or choose for themselves reflects the company’s appreciation and results in further commitment and hard work in return.


Incredible Experiences of Windsor are professional travel specialists who are committed to assisting corporate business users to achieve the highest level of satisfaction (with the lowest level of workload for their clients). By taking the strain Incredible Experiences are able to create tailormade experiences and  allow their clients to get on with running their own business.


With many years of experience in the field of leisure travel management, and Event Management as well, Incredible Experiences are the perfect choice for all your travel needs.

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