Get some of your Christmas planned in advance and enjoy the rest of the year!
22nd January 2016
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So Christmas is over for another year…or is it?!

For The Christmas Decorators, our busy season finishes around mid-January by which time all the decorations we put up before Christmas have been removed, packed up and stored away until we start our preparations again in September.

So whilst Christmas may well be over for most, for The Christmas Decorators the cycle is only just beginning, again.

We have enjoyed a very successful year, despite the obvious challenges of condensing our efforts into a 3 or 4 week installation window! Our goal in 2016 is to increase the number of customers we work with, particularly in Berkshire, by delivering first class, bespoke festive solutions to suit the desires of both home owners and commercial customers.

Book your Christmas Decorations Package now for Huge Benefits

So whilst it may seem crazy to be thinking of Christmas 2016 now, there are huge benefits in speaking to us earlier rather than later including:

Peace of Mind

Secure a date for us to put your festive displays to avoid last minute rushes and ensure you get exactly what decorations and lighting you want an early tick off the list

Structured Payment Plans

You’ll be able to spread the costs over the year rather than paying all in one go at what can be a pretty expensive time of year anyway!

Generous discounts for early bookings

Book early and save on your bill

Could you do with some The Christmas Decorators sparkle?

  • Do you go to town on Christmas decorations each year?
  • Would you like a service which plans, delivers, installs and takes down everything for you?
  • Would you like something tailored to your home or business?
  • Or do you know someone who might want a service like this?

If you or anyone you know may be interested in what we do for Christmas 2016, please give contact us on:

07792 037222 


This month’s Christmas Fact: 

Christmas can be expensive but consider this, the amount spent decorating a Christmas tree at the Tsunamachi Misui Club, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan in 2002 was a staggering £10.4 Million – we’d be especially interested in a project like that if you know of any!

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