Wall Climbing
Wall Climbing
  • Westley Lane, Sparsholt Hampshire
    S021 2NF

Sparsholt College will be opening its professional standard climbing wall to the public every Tuesday evening.   The new climbing wall is 8.4 metres high, spanning 20 metres, has 18 lines (around 36 routes), including flat wall, overhangs and a feature wall, is the largest college climbing wall in the region. It will only be open to competent climbers with capabilities for both top rope and lead climbing.

Scott Fancourt Outdoor Education lecturer said: “Our multi-million pound sports centre was only opened 18 months ago so the climbing wall is still very new, presenting climbers with a number of challenging routes for just £5 per session. Our Outdoor Education students enjoy the wall throughout the week and we can now extend this excellent facility to experienced climbers outside of the College.”

The climbing wall is also available for CWA or SPA qualified instructors for private hire on Wednesday and Thursday evenings who can have exclusive use of the wall from 6.00 to 9.00pm.

Principal Tim Jackson also commented saying: “We have been making continual investment in our campus so students are provided with the best in industry standard facilities, and we are delighted to be able to open this up to the community many of whom will have access to a superior standard climbing wall for advanced training”

For further information please visit www.sparsholt.ac.uk/college/climbingwall.   To book please emailclimbing@sparsholt.ac.uk or call 01962 776441.

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