First Class Learning
First Class Learning
  • Fellowship House
    30 St Mary's Road
    SW19 7BP
Our centre based programs include Maths Tuition and English Tuition, beginning from KS1 through to KS4, including GCSE

The tutoring completely mirrors the national curriculum and prepares your child towards achieving their best possible grades through an individualised tuition programs that is tailored to consolidate the child’s existing knowledge and develop the skills they lack. New tasks and concepts are tackled each week during the lesson, where they are taught maths and English lessons in a simple yet in-depth manner.

During the initial process of enrolling, the child is assessed in maths, english, or both. This is used as a baseline mark and is an indication of where the tutor should begin with their tuition. This will highlight any initial weaknesses and also show us the child’s strengths so we can create an individualised tuition program. It allows us to work in a time efficient manner that prevents the child from learning concepts they are already familiar with from scratch.

Homework is set on a weekly basis so the student can solidify the new skills learnt, which is then marked and any corrections are reviewed during the following tutored lesson

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