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About Clare Kirby, I would say, she is one of the best family lawyer in Wimbledon with a good sense of perfection whenever you need such type of legal suggestion, advice or help, she is always ready for it.
As a Director of thebestof Wimbledon and Merton I can confirm that the following is an authentic and verified Review: "Clare Kirby was extremely understanding yet professional and I always felt that I was getting the best possible advice. A difficult situation was made a lot easier and less stressful having an efficient and friendly solicitor to "hold my hand" through my painful divorce. Ironically my ex-husband has been referring business to Kirby and Co which is a huge compliment. My divorce costs were 3k as opposed to my ex-husbands which was in excess of 18k! My brief to Clare was to ignore all his endless letters and to stick to main issues of the children and division etc. I cannot recommend her highly enough - Clare and her team are excellent."
As a Director of thebestof Wimbledon and Merton I can confirm that the following is an authentic and verified Review: "I had selected Clare to represent me in my forthcoming divorce, which suddenly became very intense and acrimonious. Clare was very empathetic with lots of practical advice which was relevant to my situation, and to what I could achieve. She was able to help me focus on the outcomes I wanted and was very cost conscious. She frequently advised me against taking an expensive route where a cheaper one could achieve the same outcome. Clare was very good in highlighting the interests of my children and helped me towards getting the best outcome for them. Overall, I would not hesitate in recommending Clare for her very efficient service and her immense knowledge of the practical side of family law. I could not have achieved half of what I did without Clares guidance and support in a very stressful and emotional time. I am very grateful to Clare, and to the friend who recommended her to me!"
As a Director of thebestof Wimbledon and Merton I can confirm that the following is an authentic and verified Review: "Clare was always very quick on the uptake, highly proactive in her approach and tenacious in pursuing my rights. It took 12 months and the family court to get the outcome I needed - 50/50 shared care of the children - and throughout Clare was always onside with well judged, insightful advice; a critical friend at all the right moments.If at all possible I'd recommend mediation for divorce and family matters, but if you must go down the legal route then I think Clare is as good as you'll get. Clare's team at Kirby & Co were all very helpful if Clare was at court or away on holiday."
You have been wonderful throughout this process and it has gone much better than I expected. I really appreciate all of your help. The shared residence is working very well now, thank you. Your help and knowledge in this situation has proven invaluable! Mr BN
Thank you, you have been a fantastic support in all the ‘mess’ and I will never forget you for that. You gave me the strength to make a radical change in my life which was necessary to provide me and my children with a brighter future. I will always be deeply grateful to you for this. Ms SL
I would really like to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Clare Kirby and her staff for their utmost professionalism and more importantly their honest and reassuring guidance through the process of my divorce and a personally difficult time. All the advice I was given was always in my best interest and considered in order to keep things straightforward and uncomplicated at a time of caos and uncertainty. By helping me to adopt an open and reasonable approach to the situation, I was able to achieve a relatively swift and very fair outcome for me and my son. I am extremely pleased to have employed Kirby & Co. to represent me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone in a similar position.
Pia at Kirby & Co is astute in the art of pulling the most pertinent information from the wider picture whilst maintaining a sense of just how important the wider picture can be in understanding a case – her work reflects a clear and intelligent focus. The Kirby & Co team blend a friendly, welcoming and sensitive approach with the professional characteristics you hope to find in Legal Representation. I have been represented by Kirby & Co on two occasions, both with success. The second occasion of which enabled me to gain Full Custody of my daughter; which is not only rare for a Father to achieve, but has dramatically enhanced my daughter’s well-being – for which I am forever grateful. Mr.OH-S
Kirby & Co were recommended by a friend in 2006 when I embarked on my divorce. At the time I had no idea of the long and winding road ahead and felt bewildered by the whole process. From start to finish Clare and her whole team balanced compassion and understanding with unfaltering professionalism and determination. Most importantly, I felt that the advice I was being given was the right advice for me. This allowed me to make my own decisions clearly and confidently, in the best interests of myself and my children. I cannot thank Clare and everybody at Kirby & Co enough, it was an outstanding service they can be very proud of.
Kirby and Co were specifically recommended to me in 2008 as I was going through a separation from my wife, with complex arrangements to consider. I had previously engaged the services of a large law firm, but after working with Clare Kirby and her team I never looked back. Clare demonstrates all the skills and qualities you would want from a Solicitor specialising in Family Law; she advocates a collaborative and non-confrontational approach, but also encourages you to stand your ground and will fight your corner very very hard. I found the benefit of a small, specialist firm was that Clare and her team really empathised and identified with my own set of circumstances, and always responded accordingly. I would recommend Kirby and Co unreservedly.
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