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The Kingston and Merton Education Business Partnership works with local businesses to ensure that students are prepared to enter adult working life.

KMEBP is a Wimbledon based charity working through a range of programmes to ensure that students across Merton and Kingston are prepared and supported for entering adult and working life.


Have you considered linking your Merton or Kingston based organisation with a local Wimbledon or Kingston school or college through our charity?

There are sound business benefits:

  • Understand what young people learn - and what they can do
  • Show schools and colleges what you mean by 'employable'
  • Invest time to maximise future HR potential
  • Generate positive and far reaching PR
  • Extend your own staff development programme

Extend your own staff development programme


A fast-moving business environment means a pressing need for adaptable and work-ready young people to feed it! Our charity helps Merton and Kingston businesses make links with schools and colleges because it gives them the chance to shape the future workforce and ensure young people understand the world of work and what it takes to do well.


With KMEBP your business might

  • Host a teacher placement on your premises
  • Participate in a school's Enterprise event or Industry Day
  • Take part in Q&A sessions with students
  • Offer work shadowing opportunities
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Set a student challenge based on a real business situation


The KMEBP charity has established relationships with local Merton and Kingston schools and colleges and can explain without jargon what their needs are.

The charity will act as a single channel of communication and support you in working with teachers or young people.

We won't press you to do more than you can manage…but we will thank you for your input and ask for your feedback


Our Wimbledon based charity runs a mentoring project for young people aged 11 to 17. If you are interested in working with our charity as one of our volunteer mentors please see our web site for more information.



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