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The medical and radiotherapy staff were fantastic – very professional and always cheerful and relaxed - and they put my mind at rest straight away. Even the equipment – daunting at first - was quiet and unimposing. It was all to become so familiar to me over the coming weeks. Following the assessment, my first treatments were then scheduled at times that were convenient for me. It doesn’t take long to get into the routine. The actual treatment is painless and laying completely still for half an hour soon made me feel drowsy, so I occasionally dropped off to sleep, whilst the unit revolved around me doing its job! I was also able to listen to my audio books on my iPod during the treatment, which I found very relaxing and helped the time pass. The staff – as I found out – were keeping a watchful eye on me at all times. I am comforted by the fact that I have been in excellent hands throughout.
On our prostate cancer service All procedures went very well and any questions were answered clearly and concisely. Every effort was made to fit in with my preferred appointment times and they always took place at the allotted time.
Following the combined ordeals of diagnosis and surgery, the next hurdle for me was to face a six-week course of radiotherapy. Breast cancer is full of new experiences and I learned early you just do what you're told to do and get on with it. But radiotherapy sounded scary and I felt daunted by the thought of 30 treatment sessions over the next few weeks. How entirely mistaken I was! For a start, everyone at the Cancer Centre London is so friendly and welcoming. I felt immediately reassured that they really minded about my well-being: I felt as if I had become part of their team, working towards the acceptance of my illness and my renewed good health. Each appointment was arranged as much as possible to fit in conveniently with my life; treatment details were explained carefully and the sessions themselves were quick and painless. Most of all, there was a feeling of calmness, efficiency and friendship throughout the department which allayed any fears and built confidence throughout my treatment sessions.
Of our radiotherapy service Having never received radiotherapy before, I do not have any comparisons. However, in my opinion, Parkside must rank among the highest in the country for institutions of this kind. The patient care is second to none. I have been very impressed
Of our complementary therapies It was a wonderful and valuable service, and so convenient to have on the premises I have definitely felt the benefit of each treatment, both physically and emotionally. It is the one thing I look forward to during the cancer treatment.
Of our breast cancer service I was very impressed with my visits to the CCL and the way I was looked after by all the staff concerned. From the very start I was treated kindly and sympathetically. So very important when you are terrified of what is going to happen. The 'machine' was shown and explained to me and my husband and all through the treatment the 'girls' were so gentle with me, always bright and smiling, just so caring even though they only saw me for 10 minutes or so. The weeks, incredibly, seemed to go quickly. I'm sorry to say I only took advantage of one of the benefit treatments, as I just wanted to go home! I was anxious when I finished my treatment as it is a great comfort, when your body is reacting, to be at the hospital every day to allay any fears. All in all, a time I dreaded was made as comfortable as possible by the wonderful staff.
Of our chemotherapy service Welcoming, supportive and friendly ... high degree of comfort...felt secure and in professional hands. Reception staff add their own welcoming touch and are very helpful.
I was keen to get the best treatment available, and the Cancer Centre London at Parkside, Wimbledon seemed a natural choice. It was easily accessible from where I lived, specialised in my type of cancer and had some of the most up to date equipment.
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