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Experienced Business Coach in Wilmslow, Susie Mitchell offers effective coaching and personal development for local business professionals with drive, ambition and unfulfilled goals.

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Susie Mitchell Business Coach

Why you should consider a corporate coach

Business Coach Susie Mitchell helps managers in Wilmslow to overcome workplace obstacles that put career progression on hold. Is promotion passing you by? Are you burdened by change management? Trying to manage a boss who’s an autocrat, people pleaser or glory hunter?

You’re not alone.  Susie’s personalised corporate development and personal development services can make a measurable difference in your confidence, achievement and career success.


Susie Mitchell
Professional Business Coach & Corporate Coach in Wilmslow


Susie, accredited business coach and Tony Robbins Elite Trainer, is dedicated to developing the personal talents of business professionals from Wilmslow and offers a range of development services that focus on the following key obstacles:

• Managing your boss

Managing your previous colleague

Managing sideways - Office politics – how to negotiate your way through

• Managing up
Discover one of the best ways to progress your career


Managing Change. Corporate Politics. Leadership Training


Susie has amassed over sixteen years experience helping middle managers from Wilmslow, with organisational development, corporate politics, leadership training, management development and change management.

If you are finding your career isn’t fully on-track, Susie can help you identify obstacles - corporate politics, managing change - and more importantly teach you strategies and techniques to overcome them.

Visit  to see how you as a middle manager from Wilmslow can let your strengths shine, with strategies for organisational development, leadership training, managing change,  management development and change management from a dedicated corporate coach.


Managing a colleague

Moving from colleague to boss can be fraught with pitfalls as the dynamics of relationships with your friends and peers are forced to change. Make the transition smoother by visiting


Managing sideways

Can you direct your peers, gain and retain their respect? Click through to and discover how now.


Managing the boss

Suffering from over or under management? Manage your boss to best effect and visit

Influencing change with:

• management development and business mentoring
• one to one coaching – in person or by telephone
• invaluable source of support, personal and corporate development 


Ask yourself, how are you really managing in middle management? Be your best and contact Susie Mitchell today.


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